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I’m not a telco or IT guru and have some questions. I’m trying to get a better understanding of basic ATA operation and configuration to help decide what other beta tests to run. Others may already know the answers but here goes…

  1. If I do factory reset on ATA will I need to go through activation with new PIN? Assume so since device will basically be just like it came “out of the box”. Not sure if RW stores configuration info and matches that to MAC already activated with previous PIN.

  2. If I’m on a cell call can I pickup analog phone and continue talking. Don’t think so because call in progress is not routed through ATA, right?

  3. If I get new cell phone that is ‘tied’ (cell number is activated) to ATA do I need to go through ATA activation after d/l and installing RW Extend app on new phone or is provisioning done at RW so there are no direct ties to cell phone IMEI or other unique info? Not sure what info RW retains and what is needed after activation.

  4. We have two RW cell phones in the house. If this device works as well as initial test show we’d like to replace the actual landline with ATA and keep landline number. Yes, we would need to transfer landline number to RW. Assume we would we need a third cell phone for that since there is no direct way to provision ATA without linked cell phone? How would I transfer the device from one cell phone to the other?

Hopefully some of the RW experts and others can answer some of these questions.

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I haven’t tested the theory but experience with other ATAs suggests reconfiguration would be required after a factory reset. There’s one, for sure, way to find out. :grinning:

I initiated a call from my extended Republic phone to another household phone. With the call active I picked up the handset attached to the Extend Home ATA. All I got there was dial tone, so no obvious way to transfer.

An interesting question, the answer which would seem to depend upon whether the extension is tied to the phone number or the phone itself?

To use Extend Home would indeed require a Republic compatible My Choice plan capable phone. $15/month for unlimited talk on a “landline” isn’t bad but there are other VoIP options that don’t require a linked cell phone that can be had for less if all one wants is the “landline”. What I might suggest depends on how many minutes one spends talking on their landline.

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Would we be able to activate/link additional Home Extend adapters linked to a single RW line to extend line to multiple physical locations?


You’re talking about something like a vacation home and your primary residence?

Yes and both. Like another area of the home on the same router and/or another home.


It would be highly inefficient to do it that way in the same home. In the same home you would want to use one of the methods that have been previously mentioned (cordless phone with multiple handsets, jack in to the existing wiring, etc.)

I realize that that but asking as a technical possible question.

What about in another home/geographic location?


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