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Phone: Moto G5 Plus
Extend Phone: VTech CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting
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I was lucky enough to be chosen as an Extend Home Early Beta tester. This means I was sent the ATA for free in exchange for testing. I was not asked to write a review.

When I first heard about the Extend Home service, it seemed to be an answer to my phone problems at hand.

The problems:
I have a child that is old enough to be left home when I run to the store, but not old enough that I want to have a cell phone.
I have a child that enjoys talking to his grandparents on the phone but accidentally hangs up on them with his face on the cell phone.
I have a mother that likes to talk for long periods of time and this causes me to miss texts and other messages on my cell because I don’t want to pull it away from my ear. (I’m not a fan of headphone/microphones).

Before I received the ATA, I was really confused about how it was going to work. There was a lot of chatter about phone lines, being connected to the internet router and a phone port, and the cords required. I figured I’m techy enough I’d figure it out once the box showed up. I ordered a cordless phone since we have two stories.

The box showed up and I opened it up. Turned out all the chatter was not applicable to me. I simply opened the box and followed the directions. 1 plug into the wall for power. 1 plug into the router. 1 plug into the phone. Associate my phone number with the Extend Home Service. Done. About 5-7 minutes total.

We tested it. I called my own phone number from the cordless phone and then from my cell. I called other numbers. I had people call so I could answer on the cordless phone and not my cell. And of course, I showed my child how to call parents and grandparents.

Extend Home has solved all my above problems. I enjoy hearing the cordless phone ring since some of my ringtones take time to start making noise. I haven’t had to worry about my child hanging up on the grandparents. In fact, the phone often wanders the house while chatting. I have the convenience of a landline phone without having an additional phone number.

Of course, my child is unimpressed that he will not be getting a cell phone anytime soon.

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