Extend Home service termination date?

With the recent updates in mind…when will the Extend phone service be terminated?
A best guess answer will still be of help as I will need to set something up to replace it.

Some generic firmware for the Grandstream extend device would be helpful to repurpose the device and keep it out of the recycle stream.

there no official End of service for extended home, but it not supported (nor will it be supported) by the new plans, currently as long as you keep the 4.0 My Choice plan it will work, no new phones will be added to the current 3.0 supported phones and only the GSM SIM can be moved to another phone on that list if your phone is CDMA it will only work as long as T-Mobile keeps the old Sprint LTE network up (schedule to be shut down June 30th 2022)

Republic has stated it will not be able to support Extend Home indefinitely, however, there is currently no definitive date for service to end. I’m confident Republic will give us a heads up in advance. Since you asked for a best guess (and that’s all this is), I’d say we’re looking into sometime next year and, no, I don’t mean January 2nd.

I agree and I’ve already made the suggestion. That said, nothing wrong with more folks asking, so Republic is aware of the level of interest. Were you thinking of any particular provider for repurposing the adapter?


In the past I have used CallCentric for a low cost alternative for a dedicated home phone line w/o data, at or around $15/month (the extend unit does this for 0$.) This time I will be using either the GrandStream device or an older OBI200 via Google voice instead, for a no cost solution to the old home phone issue. A no answer on either of my two RW lines will forward via Google voice to the home system.

I am not rich or poor, just thrifty.

Not just Extend Home. I won’t be surprised if the plug gets pulled on My Choice in the next year or two at most. Reading between lines of the new constraints seems to imply the sooner it can go away, the happier DISH will be.

I use Callcentric as well for my mother’s landline substitute. Presuming Republic is willing to unlock the Extend Home adapter, I’m leaning toward getting a $1/month number as a forwarding target for my Republic number. Unlimited inbound minutes are included in that $1. An additional $1.95 gets me E911 and 120 minutes of outbound calling. I don’t need a lot of outbound calling on the adapter.

Even unlocked and flashed with stock firmware, a Grandstream adapter cannot be used with Google Voice. Only Obihai adapters (and certain Obihai IP phones) are compatible with Google Voice.


I think I remember that from about 3 years ago about the GV-Grandstream.
Thanks Roland

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GrandStream Firmware

Grandstream firmware release notes

I have not yet factory reset the Extend unit, or loaded this firmware YMMV

Having the firmware and being able to load the firmware are two entirely different things. The Extend Home unit is locked and it would not be possible to replace the firmware unless/until Republic chooses to unlock the device.

Nothing is locked forever. Is it worth playing with, is the question. Probably not, but we shall see.

In the short run, no it is not worth playing with. Stock firmware won’t install to a locked device. Since Republic is, at least, willing to consider unlocking the device and Extend Home service still works, I don’t see the need to go down the road of attempting to unlock the device on one’s own.

Very little is impossible with technology, the right tools and knowledge. There’s a long DSLR thread I can’t immediately put my hands on that covers unlocking Grandstream devices but I’m not going there prematurely. Among others Vonage uses/used them.

Received from RW Help yesterday:

“Unfortunately with the introduction of our new plans we are no longer supporting the Extend Home. Most of the troubleshooting previously provided (disassociating and re-associating) will permanently disable the device as we are not able to activate them.”

Hi @Voyager,

I believe you’ve already posted this in another thread. Do you need help with disassociating and/or re-associating your Extend Home adapter? Contrary to what support told you, it may be possible.

Or, are you simply reporting?

It would be fair of RW to unlock the extend unit, and make available a firmware patch.

I’d like it as a backup to my OBI unit, and I hate to add anything to my electronic recycle pile.

I agree and, in fact, have made that request of Republic. Realistically, however, given all that’s going on with the 5.0 rollout and that most Extend Home adapters continue to work for their intended purpose, I don’t think consideration will be a high priority item for Republic, at this time. Hopefully, once things settle down, Republic will consider doing so.

I agree, I just hate to waste. A function of having depression era parents, Danes and Scots at that!

OBI with GV is working quite well so I am not too concerned, see ya.

Add me to the list of folks who would much rather repurpose this adapter than add it to the recycle heap.

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I have an Extend Home unit I never activated - wanted to use it with a Moto e1 that only supports the 2.0 plans (shame on me for not checking the requirements). In any case, I’d also like to reset the firmware to unlock it and use it with another provider. Is there another support topic or other way to let RW know that there’s interest in an unlock update?

Hello @jeffreys.lav2ds,

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This prior post should help:

I logged in today to find out how to start up my extend after I lost power in a storm. Now I find It might terminated. Has it been terminated. it is 01/19/2022
If it still running I was looking for help getting it up and running.