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Just wanted to say I’m really disappointed to find out that extend home is being ended. We were very excited to try this out - bought two old phones and everything! Husband and I were looking forward to turning off our smart phones at home😞 I didn’t know where to post to express that I hope republic brings this back in some form or another. Wish I had gotten an adapter before they stopped selling them.


I love extend home too and am disappointed Anywhere is no longer under development.

With the Sprint/T Mobile merger our legacy phones will quit working in 3 1/2 months.

The contract AT&T entered into with our new owner Dish Network tells me we will eventually be connecting to Dish Network towers and roaming on AT&T.

I think the best approach is explaining to Dish how valuable they are and think our posts to the community will be brought to Dish’s attention by @southpaw .

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I too am a fan of Republic Anywhere, however, I think context is important. Though some bugs were squashed later, there has otherwise been no development of Anywhere since 2017.

Merger or no merger, Sprint’s legacy CDMA network would have been shuttered just as Verizon is shuttering its legacy CDMA network and both AT&T and T-Mobile are retiring their 2G and 3G GSM networks. The future across all cellular networks is 5G with 4G LTE as the bridge.

Short of reading the contract for oneself, it’s impossible to say with certainty. That said, DISH is in the process of building out a “greenfield” 5G network. As I understand it, DISH’s network services agreement will eventually allow DISH owned brands (Republic among them) access to AT&T’s 4G LTE network but the agreement makes AT&T the primary not the exclusive provider of network services. DISH still has an agreement with T-Mobile resulting from the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. Theoretically, DISH might ultimately offer coverage on its 5G network, AT&T’s 4G LTE network and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network (perhaps in areas of poor AT&T coverage) or some combination thereof. DISH is also said to be willing to ink network services agreements with other network service providers.

I concur and also concur southpaw is an invaluable advocate. I’ll also point out my understanding, DISH itself is paying attention to what’s posted in Community.


Hi @adriennew.w1r2d0 and welcome to the Community!

I share your disappointment Republic is no longer selling its Extend Home adapter. For others reading, I’ll point out for those who already have an Extend Home adapter Republic continues to provide service and has not announced any intention to stop doing so.

You posted precisely where one should do so.

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