Extend Home suddenly disconnects

What phone do you have? Panasonic cordless

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No data

Lately, there have been several occasions with various callers when suddenly I’m disconnected. There are no clicks or any other indication of what is happening. I’m talking, and when I’m expecting a response, I hear only silence.

What is the problem and can it be fixed?

Hi @Voyager,

Do you have another handset available, or a friend you might be able to borrow one from? I can’t really think of another way to determine if the issue is with the handset or the Extend Home service.

My Panasonic phone has 4 handsets. Now that I think about it, I’m usually on #2 when the disconnect occurs. I’ll try switching them around to see whether that makes any difference.

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Hi @Voyager,

Any better luck with one of the other handsets?

It doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s always surprising to find that my caller isn’t there anymore, as there is no sound when the connection drops - only silence.

Hi @Voyager,

Since you’ve already ruled out the handsets themselves as the cause (though maybe not the entire Panasonic unit) I think this will require investigation and troubleshooting that goes beyond what our Community can do. I’ve asked @JSuth to open a ticket on your behalf and he’ll be investigating this further, in particular, looking at some call examples to see if there are any clues available in our system logs to indicate what is causing the calls to drop.

  • You may have already ruled this out, but I wonder how a loose or flakey Ethernet cable connection would manifest itself?
    • Have you swapped the current cable out?

I have had similar problems. and I got new handset but still issues. As it was said just in the middle of conversation all goes silent and I realize the call dropped. I redial and it works right away. But I never know when it will happen again. I check my home wifi network and it has been stable, no router issues.

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