Extend Home UDP port usage

Does the information found in the Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide as far as UDP port usage apply to the Home Extenders?

I have 2 of them setup for mine and my wife’s phone and want to get the QoS on my UTM properly configured.

I authored the Router Tweaks, however, I do not have a Extend Home, and it is my understanding they are pre-configured by Republic prior to delivery to users.

  • Now if is a UTM is what you’re trying to configure, I am not familiar with the term … just a guess, but I would think both the phone and the Extend Home would use the same ports for communication

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give those settings a shot and do some testing. UTM is Unified Threat Management. It’s a router with extra bells and whistles.

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Thanks, it’s always refreshing to find yet another subject I knew nothing about.
I see there are multiple hardware vendors, plus at least one free DIY software
As it seems yours is effectively a router, then it will have to pass the Republic data stream via its Ethernet port un-changed.
Post back your results and share your knowledge with a grateful community.

Hi @giljorak and @jben,

Our engineers have let me know that all the existing SIP-related info about our smartphones applies to the Extend Home adapter, but Extend Home doesn’t use MQTT.

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Thank you and the Engineers for the confirmation

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That’s great to hear I’ll get it configured this weekend. I’ll just swap the no longer needed Vonage settings with the new ones for the Extend Homes. I am using the home licensed version of Untangle running on a repurposed desktop for my UTM.

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