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Cannot leave voicemail when calling from my extend home phone to my cellphone that is associated with the extend home. The call from extend home ends up asking for my pin number to check previous voicemails
. It should play my recorded message and allow me to leave a voicemail.
When someone else calls my number they can leave voice mails OK. Something has changed recently since a few months ago we could leave voicemail normally. Appreciate any help you can give. <!—Make sure to describe your situation fully, when it started and what you tried.—>

You may want to look at this Help Article

My Extend Home phone acts just like yours. I had just accepted it as normal that one cannot leave VM between the cell phone and the home phone. (I probably didn’t attempt to do this several months ago, so I don’t know whether it was possible then.) The article listing EH error codes is not helpful, as there are no error codes given. It would be nice if one of our experts would comment.

To the best of my knowledge, it’s not possible (and never has been) to leave voicemail when dialing the shared number in either direction. Just as the number is shared, the Extend Home adapter shares a single voicemail box.

If it were possible to leave voicemail when dialing the shared number one would essentially be leaving voicemail for themselves. It might theoretically be possible for the Extend Home adapter to have a separate voicemail box, however, that’s not the current design.

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