Extend Home vs Obihai

I have been using Google voice on an obihai device which the extend home is replicating will there be compatibility with extend and obihai?


Hi @bb6619,

I’m not entirely certain what you’re asking when you mention “compatibility.”
If you are asking whether this hardware product can deliver our Extend Home feature so that you don’t have to buy the product in our online store, then the answer is no. Our Extend Home feature works only with the hardware we are selling in our online store.

If you’re asking whether there is some way to use both products, please tell us more about what you have in mind.


And if your’re asking if you can use the GV number on the Extend Home that’s also a no. The Extend Home uses the same number as the associated Republic Wireless Phone. You may find this useful: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Extend Home Adapter

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If I’m interpreting this correctly, I think the original poster was asking about the credentials needed for Extend Home to work on an Obihai device. It seems to me to be a reasonable request and something that RW should consider and develop going forward (and yes, I also own an Obi200). The Obi200 can support 2 different VOIP services.

If I’m not mistaken the OBi 200 can support 4 VoIP service providers (inbound and outbound) and more beyond that for outbound only via use of voice gateways. OBis are powerful and for that reason complex devices.

As much as I’d personally like for Republic to provide me with SIP credentials, so that I might use the SIP client (hardware and/or software) of my choice; I do not see this happening. In the interest of having the type of control necessary to minimize both risk and support costs, Republic has chosen to go with a locked down model. At the current price point of free after purchase of the device, I find that model to be reasonable.

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