Extend my Phone" not showing at "I want to"

What phone do you have?
Galaxy J7

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I bought the Extend Home kit from Amazon. Plugged everything in per instructions. It then says sign in, go to the number you want to sign it to and click on “I want to” and then click “Extend my phone”. When I do that there is no option to “Extend my phone”. Tried my phone number, wife’s phone number, tried my phone and her phone. Nothing. Searching the community was no help. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @Njjeep, :slight_smile:

When you login to your account here:

Do you see this page for the phone you want to extend?

No, as stated above, that option does not come up.

The extend my phone option just now appeared. Thanks. Problem solved now that it finally appeared.

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Thanks for letting us know!
Enjoy your Extend Home! :slight_smile:

The extend my phone option is again missing from my account. I want to deactivate the extend home from my account and then add it to my wife’s account.

Anyone know how I can get the extend my phone option back again? This is very frustrating. Thanks.

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