Extending life of MotoG_1st suggestions?

Senior citizen, not particularly cell phone savy. Would like to keep MotoG 1st as long as possible with the refund plan - attached to my approx $14 a mo. bill.
That said, perhaps some phone maintenance might be in order - running out of memory, and not happy with GoogleMaps that is always unresponsive - have to chose “wait” or “stop”
I don’t have but handful of apps that I downloaded, no phone photos.

Would my phone be good candidate for a factory reset? I don’t have an app that does maintenance, i.e. clearing out the junk?
Thanks for suggestions on keeping the old MotoG up and running, and especially making GoogleMaps be responsive? I noticed other day GoogleMaps was downloading offline map. The battery charge seems to be adequate.

Hello @evl

before I would do a Factory reset (which should be seen as a last resort for restoring phone functionality)
I would perform a clearing of the system cache

I f you ask me you don’t want these types of apps most are snake oil and will use more resources than they clear up while adding ads or other malware on the phone

the last section of this blog by @carlh has some tips that would also apply to the Moto G 1st Gen (the blog was about the Moto E 1 gen and 2nd gen and most does not apply as it deals with an SD card which the Moto G 1st gen does not have a Slot for)

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When Google Maps is unresponsive, does this only occur when away from Wi-Fi on cellular? If so, it’s more likely an issue with slow cellular data than an issue with the phone itself. The original Moto G is a 3G phone (and Sprint 3G at that). It’s possible that Sprint 3G data speeds are just terrible in your region.


Thanks so much for the suggestions.
Yes, the GoogleMaps being unresponsive only occurs when on cellular - sounds like the problem is the slow data with 3G.
I’ll clean out the cache, and follow the directions for disabling and removing updates for any bundled unused apps.
I won’t do factory reset, or install any of those “clean-up” apps.
I know my phone is fairly close to the end - they can’t last forever.


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