Extract lat-lon coordinates from Moto X 2gen video?

Moto X, 2nd gen, android 5.1. Location services turned on. Successfully geotagging stills.

When I shoot video, the phone has the lat-lon. It displays it very briefly when I open the video and tap “Details.” Then it replaces the lat-lon with a street address. That’s no help; what I need is the lat-long coordinate.

When I download the video file to the Mac from the phone, the lat-lon information appears to be gone. I can display the metadata from the video file, but the lat-lon isn’t there.

Where does the phone store the geotag? A secondary file somewhere?

Any hints or pointers much appreciated!

Someone from the RW community might eventually answer your question. In the meantime, you might want to navigate over the to the Motorola support forums and also ask your question there.

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