Extreme Call Blocker app stopped working with Galaxy S6

Hi all. Anyone else using extreme call blocker with a galaxy S6 and seen calls in your block list tagged “hang up no voicemail” now going to voicemail?

I emailed the developer and there reply was a recent update to Samsung OS prevents the app from hangup thus letting the call go to voicemail. Bummer!

The developer says they’re aware of it but no timeline as to when will be corrected.


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Thanks for reporting that. It will be interesting to see if the developer can come up with a workaround and that is a very useful feature.

As for me, I use Calls Blacklist, I actually don’t mind calls going to voicemail as that allows me to be more aggressive with my call blocking without having to worry about missing out on a genuine call - as a genuine caller always leaves a message

and over 99% of spam calls disconnect without leaving voicemail.

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