Extremely ANGRY over unexpected number change request

Early this morning I received notification from RW for the number change that I had requested with a new number.

Here’s the problem, I NEVER DID ASK FOR SUCH A THING.

Knowing this is a mistake and something that should be easily fixed, I proceeded to open a ticket and followed through with a phone call to revert it back to the previous number that I have had for about TEN YEARS. After a few minutes, I was told that there’s nothing that can be done and I must stay with the new number that I DIDN’T ASK FOR in the first place.

I have been with RW for 8 years with a family plan of four. If this is not a sign to get out, I don’t know what is.


Hi @pdom09,

I fully appreciate the anger given the circumstances. While I can’t promise success, I’d like to see what I might do to help. To that end, I would need some additional context.

Please sign into your Republic account here: Phones | Republic Wireless. For the affected phone, please share what is said under “My Plan”.

Please also share the ticket number.

Finally, you mention following up with a phone call. Was it over the phone, in the ticket or both where you were advised nothing could be done? As Republic’s Community is a public Internet forum, please do not share any other communication between you and agents in the ticket.

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Ticket # 2198642

Under “Manage My Plan” It has the new number which I DID NOT ASK FOR, the Ticker Number will reflect the information regarding the old number vs the new number. And mentioning the phone call… I opened the help ticket first, then I called customer service. And It was over the phone I was told nothing could be done.


Hi @pdom09,

I’m going to take a look at your ticket in just a moment.


I originally tried to activate the 5.0 plan and ran into multiple issues. So, I then revert back to the legacy account which has been working fine until I received the number change notification. I have a suspicion that was the trigger of my issue.

All I need now is my original number back.

I have not heard any word from RW at all.

Thank you.

Hopefully, you documented this in the Ticket you opened with Republic, where the number swap was reported?

Hi @pdom09,

I replied in your ticket yesterday around noon ET, to try to get additional information, and have done so again, just now. Our technicians and engineers do not work from Community posts, so please provide as much information as you can in the ticket.

If you’re not receiving our replies by e-mail, you can view your ticket by signing in at https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/2198642

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I just did

I thought this was part of moving from the legacy to the 5.0 plans. My old phone got a new number a few days ago and works, but my new sim in my new phone doesn’t work and the new sim lists my actual number.

I’m still waiting for my new phone to work. It has been a week since I got my new sim card… And many support calls and emails have not helped.


Unfortunately it’s only lately I’ve come to that conclusion, it wasn’t clear at all. I guess I didn’t do my diligence regarding moving to 5.0. I have not spent time on this forum in a very very long time.

I really thought that 5.0 was a straight forward switch with very little activation time or issues.


That is exactly what it should have been and what I believe we had every right to expect.


Yeah, they burned a lot of people with this, but we’re still stuck because we don’t have access to our number to port elsewhere. I’m fortunate that I don’t call/text a ton, but I’m still frustrated.

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