Facebook Live Event -- iOS to Android: Could you make the switch? (2/27/18)


Join us Tuesday, 2/27/18 at noon ET for another Facebook Live event from our Raleigh Pop-up Shop:
“iOS to Android: Could you make the switch?”

Throughout this series, we’ll discuss making the switch from iPhone to Android. It’s a lot easier than you might think!

Our Facebook Live events are streamed live from our Republic Wireless Facebook and will also be available to replay after the event.


Watch live, or later!


How about a simulcast on YouTube?


I’ll pass the suggestion along for future consideration.


I watched this last evening. Mandy, Trey and Jon did a more than credible job of providing a high level overview of moving from iOS to Android. Nevertheless, I have a few nits to pick.

It was mentioned that Android offers the choice of many more messaging apps than iOS. While, of course, true I think it’s worth mentioning Republic presently supports two (Republic Anywhere and Android Messages). Some others do indeed work with Republic’s blended service, however, many if not most do not.

Regarding security on the two platforms, I concur app security is roughly equivalent between apps obtained from Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store. Operating system updates are a different story. While there isn’t an inherent reason Android need be less secure, that operating system updates are dependent upon the manufacturer is a critical issue. There’s something to be said for owning the whole experience in terms of delivering security updates. In fact, Google has essentially replicated Apple’s model in doing so for the Pixels and other Android phones on which it controls the operating system directly. In other words, Google can supply security patches to the manufacturer, however, Android manufacturer’s performance in delivering those patches to their phones varies widely. This isn’t something iOS users need concern themselves with.

Since iTunes music was specifically mentioned, I’d like to point out a couple of Android apps that allow for syncing iTunes music (playlists and all) with an Android device:

Neither is free for realistic use, however, both work very well for syncing iTunes music to an Android device when one wishes to continue using iTunes to manage their music on a Mac or PC. I personally use iSyncr.

I’ll also mention continuing to use Apple’s iCloud service to manage email, contacts and calendars and syncing those to an Android device is quite doable as well. Some information about using iCloud email with the Android Gmail app here: Using Apple’s iCloud Mail with the Gmail App. For syncing iCloud contact and calendar information, I use DAVdroid. I like it because it’s ad free and open source.

Finally, I’ll second @cbwahlstrom’s suggestion that these events be broadcast on Republic’s YouTube channel as well as Facebook. If doing so live isn’t feasible, posting the replay would be worthwhile.


Just to add a reason to consider YouTube: I had a last minute request to be a substitute volunteer. This meant instead of being able to watch the event on my computer, I would have to use my phone. Facebook required that I download their app to watch the video. I wouldn’t download their app so I missed the event.

I was volunteering in a very quiet bookstore so I would have been able to watch the video. I did get to read instead so it wasn’t ALL bad :slight_smile:


Thank you for those suggestions regarding YouTube @cbwahlstrom and @johnny5! At this time, we have chosen to hold live events on our Facebook page due to the number of likes we have there, versus YouTube subscribers. For reference, our Facebook page houses about 130,000 likes/users, while our YouTube channel has about 6,500 subscribers. I am definitely going to look into options for simulcasting onto our YouTube page while holding a FB live, so any suggestions are welcome!

If it would be helpful, I am also open to posting the Facebook live video onto YouTube after the event has ended. Thanks for bringing up these concerns! We’re still learning the ins and outs of this whole FB live world, so thanks for joining in on the effort :relaxed:


I did not watch the video live, however, I was able to do so via Republic’s Facebook page using Chrome on my phone. I’m by no means Facebook savvy (and harbor no plans to change that), so maybe only live streams require use of Facebook’s mobile app?


Just to add My 2 cents in
at my work Facebook is locked out while YouTube is open (mainly for for industry media reviews)
as this take place in working hours I can not watch live (the evening one I have watch) as I’m not going to use cell data to watch these videos

simulcast would be the best option
I would note people are more likely to like a Facebook page and never go back to it while YouTube subscribers are more likely to return and watch the channel (IMO)


Thanks for letting me know. I tried to do exactly the same thing and got an error from Facebook that I needed to use their app. I guess Mark likes you better :wink:


I agree! Call me “old school”, but I personally favor YouTube as a video platform over Facebook for a multitude of different reasons:

  1. People specifically come to YouTube to watch videos.
  2. You can post a video on YouTube today, and it might be still sought out years later. I have 2 videos on YouTube that still average around 20 views/day. One was uploaded in 2013, and the other one was uploaded in 2017.
  3. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the planet.
  4. Google owns YouTube, which means that a YouTube video has a much greater chance of appearing in Google search results than a Facebook video. (I don’t even remember seeing a Facebook video in search results).
  5. YouTube has a WHOLE lot more analytic tools than Facebook video to really understand how people are interacting with your video. Roberto Blake*** has some good videos on YouTube on how to understand YouTube analytics and promote your channel. I watched a 45 minute video on his YouTube channel about this, and although I have one channel that has 586 subscribers, I felt like I really got an education learning from him more about YouTube analytics and how YouTube functions.
  6. I think YouTube’s view counts are more accurate than Facebook’s. From what I read, YouTube counts a view after 30 seconds, whereas Facebook counts a view after 3 seconds.
  7. Because people go on YouTube to watch videos, I believe a YouTuber will watch a video longer than a Facebook video.
  8. It is easier to put videos in a playlist and etc. to organize videos so people will watch more of your videos at one time on YouTube.
  9. If you’re already more or less consistently posting videos, you have a greater chance that YouTube will promote your videos a lot more over time than Facebook will.

With that said, I believe it’s still good to post videos on Facebook because:

  1. Facebook favors Facebook videos over YouTube videos.
  2. There are a lot of people on Facebook…billions.
  3. Facebook favors live Facebook videos.
  4. You can potentially get a lot of views quicker than YouTube (but then your video tends to fade away in the sunset unless you use ads to promote it).

As you can probably definitely tell from this list, I’m really “old school”. My main YouTube channel was created before Facebook video was as popular as it is.

BTW, one time I told someone I was old school because I prefer YouTube over Facebook for video, and he told me never to use “old school” in reference to YouTube because being older than I am, it was still relatively new to him…However, I created one of my first YouTube channels, in 2010…almost a decade :open_mouth: ago…

***One interesting point that Roberto Blake said was to really write a detailed description for all of your YouTube videos and/or caption it. This way YouTube can know what the video is about and more easily know who to promote the video too. Sometimes, people write a 1 sentence or so description underneath their YouTube video, but the description can be around 5,000 characters or so. Videos can be captioned with a service that I’ve used before called Rev.com, or you can do it manually. Rev has been pretty good and fast the 5ish times I’ve used them.