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Republic Wireless has the “messages” app. my question is Facebook usages “Facebook messenger” app. I have the Republic Wireless “messages” app. I do not have the “Facebook messenger” app. but would like to have it. Will “Facebook messenger” app. mess up/interfere with Republic Wireless app?

Hi Angel and welcome to the Community. Facebook Messenger can be used two ways, one will be a problem the other will not. When you first download and install it it will want to take over all messaging on your phone. You want NOT to make it the default messaging App. In the mode that you’ll use you’ll continue to use the Google Messages App or regular text messages and use Messenger only for Facebook Messages.


Thank you for the reply… one other question is there something I should look for or click on once I download the FB app so it is NOT the default messenger as you stated. Just want to do things correct. I am old school here.

When you open, it’ll ask if you want it to be the default messenger. You’ll just cancel or say no to that option.

Hello again,
Sorry I must be super dumb, I did just like you stated…Down loaded the FB messenger app, installed it, click on it, it asks for cell # and password to create account, photo. Nothing more. It sent me 6 number which I then entered that for the acct. nothing more. So I went to my FB page where I have 3 messenges. click on that. FB then asked me to download messenger. I already have it installed. so that didn’t work. So I went to the FB app now on my phone. tapped on it to see if I could get the FB messenges that way. Clicked and it opened with black nothing. Never did it ask for a default or not. So I uninstalled and tried again twice. Same result. So here I am once again. So I must be doing something wrong?!

That certainly is odd. Disclaimer: I don’t use Facebook or any of their products and I find their apps to be incredible poorly written and “heavy” on the phone sapping both battery life and performance.

That being said, what you’re describing should work. Once Messenger is installed, you weren’t able to just click the icon for it to open it to see your Facebook messages?

I don’t have FB it self installed on my phone. I can still access my FB page without the app with no problem or any extra steps. I just want to see the messenges without having to go to FB on my pc. No I was not able to see my FB messenges once I clicked on the icon. Even when I went to the messenge area on FB it still took me that they want me ti install the app… but I already had it install. So click on the app in the app are along on the phone and nothing blank . I really don’t know want next

Did you download this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca from the Play Store on you phone. You will need to sign into that app using the same credentials you use to sign into your Facebook account. You can use either the Facebook app on your phone, use Facebook though Chrome or other browser on your phone, or there is a Facebook Lite app you can use.


That worked now. I wasn’t signing in with my FB same credentials. Perfect. Thanks for your help.

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