Facing the Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Last week’s preparations

As Hurricane Florence approached the coast last week, forecasts predicted the storm could pass through Raleigh where Republic Wireless is headquartered. Our focus was on precautions to ensure the best possible service and support despite adverse weather conditions.

This week’s reality

Now that the storm has passed, our thoughts turn to our neighbors in North and South Carolina who were affected. Many of our staff have families in areas where power outages and extensive flooding will require weeks or months of recovery.

2 GB of data to impacted members

When the power is out for days or weeks, or you’ve been relocated, using Wi-Fi is not your top priority, and it may even be unavailable. On Wednesday, Republic Wireless gave many of our Members residing in North and South Carolina 2 GB of free data, so running out of data doesn’t have to be a concern. If you are in a recovery situation and we missed this chance to help, please let us know; just open a ticket, or private-message me here in our Member Community.

Making it personal

Republic Wireless employees are also taking a grass-roots approach to helping our neighbors in the Carolinas. Staff members are spending personal time delivering supplies and helping with recovery efforts. Our leadership team has challenged us with a matching-funds pledge from their personal pockets, supporting The Carolina Cavalry, a non-profit organization where one of our team members volunteers. This organization is delivering supplies and volunteer assistance to the hardest-hit areas. For those who are interested in contributing, there are many charitable organizations mobilizing relief efforts. In addition to the Carolina Cavalry, the Red Cross, the Foundation for the Carolinas Hurricane Florence Response Fund, and many others are engaged in these important response efforts.

Thank you

We appreciate the kindness of those who expressed concern for us as the storm approached, and we hope you’ll join us in helping our neighbors throughout the Carolinas in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.


I am a RepWirelses client for 2 + years. Sadly, during the aftermath of hF I could NOT connect via cell for 4 days from here in SalterPath, NC. All my neighbors on VZ etc could. Since I depend on using wifi for my RW and the power was out it left me unconnected from the world for those 4 days! Thank ■■■■ I am self sufficient and did not need anyone! Yes, RW is a good deal but do not expect it to work during disasters!

Hi @surfSalterpath,

I’m sorry to read that our carrier-partner experienced an outage that affected you in the wake of such a terrible storm.

I’m curious about what you mean when you wrote, “Since I depend on using wifi for my RW.” Under normal conditions do you not have cellular coverage at your home? It may be that, with a different SIM card, your coverage would improve.

I hope that you did not experience any major damage to your property.

Since I have wifi the majority of phone calls go out via wifi. Since no wifi (power out) no phone calls nor could I get int connection. I was dead in the water being a RW client. A little damage but we will recover. Thanks for asking!

I don’t understand this. When there is no wifi, Republic’s service fall back to their cellular partner. While the storm might have taken out that cellular partner (and all of their customers) normally you should have service when you don’t have wifi. Are you saying you only have service with wifi even normally?

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during normal times and not on wifi then cell service is SKETCHY. already swapped GSM for CMA chip. during THIS storm NO cell SERVICE for 4 days!!! my neighbors on vz had it???

Thanks @surfSalterpath, this is what I was wondering, whether we had evaluated your coverage to see if a difference SIM card might make a difference. It sounds like our coverage may not be ideal in your area. If you’re in an area that is barely served during the best of times (which would suggest our carrier-partners operate on very few local towers in your area) then there’s not much opportunity for redundancy when one of those few goes down in adverse conditions. On the other hand, if your service is with a company that has excellent coverage in the area, meaning the area is saturated with local towers, then when a few go down in adverse conditions, coverage is still possible.

I’m sorry you had to deal with having no service during those four days that your power was out.

Your phones uses Sprint for its service. It sounds like Sprint went down in your area (meaning all Sprint customers were down too). As Southpaw points out, if their coverage is poor in the first place, there is little way for them to provide coverage if some towers go down. Too bad that your power company couldn’t get things back up quicker than 4 days which would have provided you the wifi you needed to have service sooner.

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