Factory reset Moto X 2014


I recently replaced my X2 and would like to factory reset it before I decide what to do next with it. Is there and optimal sequence to use to do the FR.


The most important thing to do before you factory reset it is to remove any screen lock (PIN, etc.) before the factory reset. If you don’t, whoever gets this phone will have to have your gmail address and password to get into it.

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Hi @billg, thanks for that. But I’m still a little confused. The instructions say to remove any pin or password before the reset and then the instructions say that when doing the reset I’ll have to provide the pin for the reset to proceed. Just curious which is which. I was also planning on removing my Google account from the phone before I reset it. Should I do that after resetting or will resetting do that anyway. I was further planning to encrypt the phone so should I do that first and then reset and then encrypt again? That’s why I was asking about the optimal sequence.


Hi @skfotos ,

I think the instructions meant to say you have to know your PIN to remove your pin. The factory reset will remove you gmail account.

I’m in the process of selling two Moto X 2013s. I actually factory reset them twice, once to clean everything off the phone before bring them to a 100% charge and then letting them sit idle for 24 hours before capturing the screen showing the battery depletion. Then I factory reset them a second time to bring them back to the initial activation screen. Those screen shots will be included in the listing so people can see how well their batteries are holding up. I haven’t listed them yet because I bought new chargers and cables for both of them and they will arrive later today.


Thanks @billg I’ll give it a whirl.


Mind me asking what you are listing them for so I can list mine for $5 cheaper? :slight_smile:


Buy it now for $100.00 or best offer.