Factory reset not working on moto x


In trying to transfer my old Moto X to my son. I was able to transfer the phone number, but when I try to do a factory reset, I get the message “Settings has stopoed” then it won’t let me do it. How can I erase all my data from the phone or fix the settings?


Hi @evaz,

What you describe is the Settings app crashing. There’s another way to factory reset the phone from Android recovery. Republic describes that here: Factory Reset – Republic Help.

You’ll need to scroll the document to the section headed with “Perform a Factory Reset through Recovery Mode”; then be certain to follow guidance for the appropriate generation of Moto X. If uncertain which generation of Moto X you have (if the Settings app will allow it), you may verify at Settings -> About phone.


I was able to fix it by changing some of the administrator settings and deleting as many accounts as I could. I was then able to use the factory reset option under settings.


Hi @evaz
I hope your son enjoys the RW phone!


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