Factory reset on old phones without activating


I have two old Moto G phones that my wife and I used to use with Republic until we replaced them with newer Galaxy S7s. We’re going on an overseas trip and would like to have the old phones to help keep our kids occupied during flights and such.

If I nuke (factory reset) the old Moto G phones to clear them off and speed them up a bit, I’m just going to be greeted with some sort of Republic setup/activation process, aren’t I? I don’t want these phones to have any sort of service other than wifi – they don’t need phone numbers or data plans or anything like that. I just want to download some videos and use them as media devices.

Anything I should know before I wipe and restore these devices? Thanks in advance for your help!

After a factory reset you will be asked to set up the phone [Google account] but this can be Skip, you will not be forced to activate on Republic but will have a notification asking to activate [the Republic app push this] this can be disabled by going in to settings-apps-all-republic and turn off notifications


Got it. That makes sense. Thanks!

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I use my old Moto X 2gen as a tiny tablet at times. It comes in handy as an alarm in the bedroom.

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