Factory reset on XT 557


I am resetting my old (but loved) XT 557 phone. I am donating it to a Domestic Abuse program and I like to remove all of my information.

I have been following steps from an article I found on Republic. One problem. The instructions say to open the settings and choose Backup and Rest option. My phone doesn’t have that option in Settings.

Thanks for reading.

Hi @joker_1,

Here are Republic’s instructions specific to the DEFY XT:

Ordinarily, this would be an excellent idea. You may, however, wish to consider the fact the cellular network used by the DEFY XT is going away, according to T-Mobile, on March 31, 2022. After that, the phone won’t be able to make even a 911 call.

T-Mobile now owns the legacy Sprint CDMA network resulting from its acquisition of Sprint.

Thank you for responding rolandh. I appreciate all of the information about the phone and not being able to dial 911.

Bummer. Guess I will just have to recycle.

Unfortunately the DEFT XT, that many of us knew and loved also can no longer be activated on Republic Wireless. You might check with your local schools to see if any of them would want to re-purpose it as a web device

I still have my DEFY XT and use it as a web camera, a music player at work (via the WIFI) and as an FM radio receiver.

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