Factory Reset Will Cause Google Play Services to Fail

***I did a factory reset on my Moto X this past Saturday night. When it came back on line it will not reach out to retrieve my stored data or apps from Google Play. It activated and will make and receive phone calls, text messaging works and the browser will work. NO APPS will download from the Google Play at all. It’s like I have half a phone now. I have a ticket working on this issue and Republic says they are working closely with Google to resolve the issue asap. DO NOT DO A FACTORY RESET ON YOUR PHONE FOR NOW. I have no contacts on my phone now which really is bad. ***


this is happening on all activation fresh boot-ups new and Factory resets

Trying to register a phone and google play services has stopped

It’s not all new activations or even all factory resets. To the best of my knowledge, the issue is limited to Lollipop (and maybe KitKat) phones.

Thanks for posting this. I see this partial activation failure still isn’t noted on the system status page. I sure hope the folks who bought two Moto X (1st Gen) phones from me last week didn’t run into this. It isn’t RW’s fault but it casts a shadow on them.

The folks who bought your Moto X1s will be able to activate the phones. Until Google fixes the issue with Google Play services, they will not be able to add a Google account to the phone and, therefore, cannot update bundled apps or add more apps.

My guess is we’re looking at sideloading a working version of Google Play services while waiting for Google to solve the problem. I’m thinking that workaround will come from Community not Republic directly.

This work around works. Scroll down to @philipp.oxw1ld solution.

Moto X (2nd Gen) Google Services Not Working After Factory Reset


I have no doubt it does work but only for those with some technical talent. We will have a detailed, step-by-step procedure later this evening.

Glad its not the phone as I too have this problem

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