Factory reset

  1. Can I factory reset my Moto X3 that is not activated with RW yet?

Hi @workflow

Yes, in fact it is recommended. I would make sure that there is no lockscreen enabled and that the RW sim is not installed before the FDR just for precautions sake.

(Note: RW GSM SIM cards cannot be reactivated at this time. So if this is a previously used RW device, the SIM will not be usable on a new activation, you will need a new one).

@workflow could be talking about a new phone just ordered from RW and wants make sure it’s factory fresh. There has been some speculation that a yet released version of the RW app is installed on soft launch phones to enable use of the 3.0 CDMA SIM Cards? If that were the case and It’s a SL test phone a factory reset would remove that app and may render the phone inoperable until returned or a RW GSM SIM obtained.

Regardless once factory reset the RW app will have to be install prior to activation on RW.

Nice catch @williamo.vkbg0s

I think I assumed this was BYOD because of the wording in the original post . Thank you for pointing that out.

Your welcome. Easy assumption to make and it may be a used BYOP. I just like to cover as many bases as possible that happen to come to my old mind…

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