Failure to load cards

*I have a moto g4 and lately the stories or cards are not loading. They will load for a while and then stop. I searched on line to see if others are having this problem and many people seem to be. I did what others have suggested which is to clear the space in the storage area. I did this and it fixed the problem but two days later I am having trouble again. I am wondering if anyone has had this problem and knows a fix. Thanks. *

I too am experiencing this problem. I thought it was fixed, but as of a few days ago, the cards aren’t showing up again… I will let you know if I find a fix.

Edit: I force-stop the Google Now Launcher and rebooted in safe mode. The cards were showing. I then rebooted into normal mode and the cards are now showing up. I suggest you try rebooting you phone. Hope that helps!


Thanks. This has been very irritating so I would love to find a permanent fix.

I just edited my reply. First, force-stop the Google Now launcher. Then, reboot the phone. That seemed to work for me.

Here is some info … we are not alone Some users reporting ‘failed to load cards’ issue with Google Now, here’s how to fix it [Update: Google Play too] | 9to5…

Thanks mb2x. I don’t know how to reboot in safe mode. I’ll look that up.

jben, I did that fix a few days ago after reading that same link and then two days later I started having issues again. Thanks.

You don’t have to reboot in safe mode. Just Force-stop the google Now launcher and reboot the phone. That should fix it .

Thanks I will try that.

If that doesn’t work, take a look at this thread from Google product forums;context-place=topicsearchin/websearch/category

Here’s one workaround from the same discussion that has worked for some people

What I did to get my Google Now cards/stories to come back was to delete my Google Now history (the last 30 days) in my Google account. Here’s the steps I took;

  1. Logged into my google account on the google home page and click on my profile icon and click my account. (Desktop/Laptop Browser, not mobile).
  2. Click on Personal Info and privacy then scroll down to My Activity and click on Go to My Activity.
  3. Click on Filter by date and product.
  4. Under Filter by date click on All time and select Last 30 days.
  5. Scroll down to Filter by Google product and click on Now.
  6. Click on the 3 vertical dots next to the search bar and select delete results.
  7. Delete all results matching this search and filter? Click delete.

I am a bit of a Luddite. I don’t know how to sign in to my google account. I have a gmail account but no google account that I know of.

When you sign in to your gmail, click on the profile pic on the top right, if you have one…otherwise

it will just be your first initial in a colored circle. When you click on it, you should see a button “My Account”

It looks like I don’t have “Now” under google products. I know I have a “google now” app on my phone.

Use “Android” or “All Products”

I did “force stop” of Google Now and then rebooted. It seems to work now but we’ll see how long it lasts. Does anyone know the impact of not having Google Now? Will this affect my use of Google? As I said before, I am not very tech savvy. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

On reboot…Google Now should have restarted. The Google Now cards is a separate feature and should not have

any impact on using Chrome or similar web search app for searching on Google.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Google Now did not restart. The app is there but nothing is live – the force stop and disable are both pale and do not look like they did before the force stop. Battery and Memory on that app are pale as well which is different. Not sure what I should do.

Go to Play Store

Search for Google Now

Then tap on OPEN

That should restart Google Now.

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