Family member phone broke, order new phone from Republic

My son broke his phone, on Saturday, April 20, 2019, I ordered a new phone for him from Republic Wireless. When he receives the new phone will it be obvious to him to activiate with his phone number and not mine

Hi @kyleneo and thanks for dropping back into the Community!

It’s fairly obvious. That said, Republic offers a guided activation walkthrough here: Ready to activate your phone on Republic?. And documents, the process here: How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help.


Hi @kyleneo,

Although it’s very rare that I do so, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with @rolandh here.

Based on the number of help tickets I see every day from members who have either activated a replacement phone with a new number or with the wrong number on the account, I will have to say that it’s possible it’s not obvious.

The phone has no knowledge that it was bought as a replacement to your son’s line. So it’s not going to automatically activate with his number.

In the process of activating, he will have to sign in using the account owner’s credentials for the Republic Wireless account where his existing number resides. Some people aren’t aware of that, and create a new account since they don’t know the existing account credentials. But the number is owned by that former account (in the eyes of federal regulations we aren’t allowed to bend) and we can’t move numbers across accounts during activation - otherwise anyone would be able to take your number from you. So if you aren’t in the same location where you can take the phone in hand and sign into the account, he’ll have to have your account credentials.

Once logged in on the right account, he’ll be prompted to either get a new number, or select an existing number. A lot of people just click through without really reading this part, and end up with a new number or a family member’s number. Please ask him to read each screen carefully and think about his selections before moving to the next screen. He will need to make sure he has selected his current number if he wants that number to move to the new phone.

The instructions @rolandh sent you will be helpful. Taking each step slowly and thoughtfully will be the key to success.


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