FAQs from our announcement about DISH

On March 10, we wrote to our Members to announce that Republic Wireless is joining DISH. Since then, we’ve been reviewing the most frequent questions we’ve received in Community, in our Help Tickets, and on our social media platforms. We appreciate your questions and your concern for the future of Republic Wireless and you, our members!

We appreciate the many answers that have been given by our Community Ambassadors who have an excellent knowledge of the telecom industry, and in some cases, their answers were so well-written that we’ve based the answers below on the answers they provided.

Will prices increase?

Before Republic Wireless joined with DISH, we were committed to bringing our members the best value for their dollar. We remain steadfast in that commitment. While we don’t have any details to share at this time, we are excited by new opportunities to bring even more value to our members in the future.

What cell towers will DISH use?

At this time there are no changes. Dish has a long-term agreement to provide service using the T-Mobile/Sprint network. In addition, Dish is in the process of building its own 5G network. There are no immediate changes to worry about as it’ll take a long time before Dish’s own network is ready for customer traffic and the service agreement with T-Mobile will provide cellular coverage until then.

Will my coverage change?

Through T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint, the Sprint network is going away. T-Mobile is currently working to combine both networks. Likely sometime next year (the current target date is January) the Sprint network will be shut down. This is independent of anything that Republic and DISH are doing. This doesn’t mean the coverage is going away; it is becoming T-Mobile coverage, so you wouldn’t lose coverage, you’d just technically be on the new, combined network.

Will voice roaming coverage be lost?

Our plans continue to include domestic voice roaming, which may even improve in some areas. As T-Mobile continues to improve their network through their merger with Sprint, the expectation is that this experience will improve for our members as well.

Will we get 5G?

Republic members with 5G-capable phones are already experiencing NSA 5G service in some areas, and we look forward to expanding that availablity as both T-Mobile and DISH build out their 5G networks. (We encourage you to read Understanding Emerging 5G Technologies for additional 5G information.)

What is the future of Annual Payment?

Our announcement does not bring any immediate changes to any of our plans, including Annual Payment. We have not raised our prices in nearly five years, which is a rarity in the telecom business. We remain committed to providing our members exceptional value for their money.

Will the no-data plan remain an option? (Talk and Text only)

Our announcement does not come with any immediate changes to any of our plans. Our My Choice Talk and Text plan is very popular and we look forward to continuing to serve our members with this option.

Will my Beta Member discount continue?

Yes, the Beta Member Service Discount continues unchanged. We appreciate the input and time that our Beta members provided at the beginning and their ongoing loyalty for nearly 10 years.

Will Republic be DISH now, or keep its name?

Republic Wireless will keep its name as part of the DISH family.

Why have you joined with DISH? What is the benefit to RW and to the customers?

Republic Wireless has always been passionate about our mission to deliver wireless the way it should be: honest, simple, and affordable. We believe joining with DISH, which shares a similar ethos and is building out their own nationwide 5G network, will enable Republic to deliver even more value to more people.

We encourage you to continue the conversation in our existing topic: A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!


Please continue the conversation in our existing topic: A Letter from Our CEO: Republic Wireless Joins DISH!

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