Faulty flickr app, Defy XT

The flicker app is compatible with the Defy XT. With excellent WiFi/Internet connection, I easily downloaded the 19GB app, installed & opened it,… But the app would just repeatedly give a FALSE message: “unable to connect to the internet”… just a Lame catch-all I guess for whatever the Actual reason is that flickr won’t let me connect with my account. Any suggestions?

19GB app
hoping this is a type-o only high content games are over a 1 GB (most apps are under 50 MB, My Moto X 2nd gen Flickr is only 36 MB for the app (6 MB for the app data)

Android does require some free space to work correctly ad flick may require more due to how it’s coded how much free space is left? DEFY XT: How to increase space for apps and avoid the “low memory” warning

it may just be Flickr stop supporting Gingerbread OS (the Defy is an older phone and not all apps will continue support)

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