FCC approves new rule making it easier for major carriers to automatically block robocalls

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Here’s the link to the article https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/fcc-votes-make-it-easier-phone-companies-block-robocalls-n1014526

Even though RW says this is happening in there RW app, downloaded on the play store, " Configure spam call blocking", I think this is more than just a checking a circle in what RW would like you to do.

I am hopeful that whoever reads this topic is respectful by saying thank you or something to that effect.

So RW what do you say? Will you implement this for all customers? Will you change your RW app? What are you going to do?

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Hi @lesc,

I cannot answer for Republic, so will leave that to someone else. I thought you might be interested to know Republic is not a carrier. Rather Republic is a service provider. The difference is carriers own telephone networks, service providers don’t necessarily do so.

Republic owns no telephone network. Republic blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of its former corporate parent Bandwidth.com with one of two cellular network partners. It’s unclear what more Republic might do to block spam or robocalls or that the recent FCC order applies to Republic per se.

The above said, I suppose Republic might check the box on its spam blocking feature, so it becomes an opt out instead of an opt in. Out of curiosity, is that what you’d like to see?

Hi Roland,
Thank you for your response. Again, please respond with thank you or something to that effect.

I understand RW is a service provider. They have tried as I have stated in their RW app to address this.

However, robocalls are still prevalent,

I know I would like a response from RW. I appreciate your reply.



As I see it, the FCC is just affirming the right of the phone carrier to block calls. This is significant because the FCC position used to be that phone traffic and interconnects should be broadly open. The importance of this ruling is that it enables carriers to further develop spam blocking tools without the threat of their deployment being stifled by the FCC. Whether new anti-spam blocking tools are ready to be deployed is unknown to me. As I understand it, there are a number of blocking tools in development.

Thank your for your reply, [cbwahlstrom]. Please be respectful in your ending as noted in the original by saying thank you or something similar.

RW why haven’t you addressed this issue. I really want RW to not only understand this but also what what their intention is and when will it be implemented.

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Les, Your continuous chiding of fellow members because you don’t like their greeting, or the way they sign off is both absurd and rude. This will be the only time that I respond to you and I expect that you’ll find a lot of silence around this community moving forward because those of us volunteering our time to help fellow members don’t deserve your derision because you don’t like a particular phrasing.


Hi @lesc,

Our Community is a place where our members can engage with one another in conversation. It is not up to any one person to determine who shall or shall not reply, nor what those replies must contain. All of our members are welcome to post in reply to any topic as long as they post within our Community Guidelines.

As @rolandh noted, this is a change that will need to come from the companies we partner with to provide cellular and Wi-Fi calling service. As those companies implement this technology on their networks, we will be eager to make it available to our members as well.

We do not have a timeline for implementation.

We appreciate your interest in seeing us improve our service for all of our members.

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Thank you for your reply.


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