Feature is enabled... and some trivia

Hi @orionwifi Beta Members,

The Orion WiFi feature is now enabled for everyone who is a member of the OrionWifi group. That means if you’ve heard from me that you’ve been added, and if you have permission to post in #beta:orion-wifi Category in Community, the feature has been enabled on your phone.

I’m going to try to share the locations with you tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

While you’re waiting for the locations :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I thought it might be fun to look at who makes up this Beta group so far.

Note that the totals on these charts may vary, as I am missing data for a few people here and there.


The models having only one participant were not labeled in the above pie chart. They are:

  • Samsung A51, Note 9, Note 20, S9+, S10+, S20+
  • Moto Z
  • OnePlus 7T

Looks like 62 pixel phones in the group. I am pleasantly surprised.
Long live republic wireless and Google.


Wow. I love this data you have compiled. Being only 1 of 2 members in my state however, how can I ensure you get some good test data from this? I do travel quite a bit, if there are certain areas that would help, I have no issue going there.


Cool, thanks for sharing this @southpaw


This was interesting, @southpaw . If you truly needed more practice with graphing and statistics, it would be interesting to see these state comparison figures superimposed over the total proportion of RW subscribers in each state.

I would have expected California to be the state best represented in the beta, merely on account of its large population. Those Bay Staters appear to be a curious and a thrifty lot.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing this test comes amid a time that people are moving around less? As with most things, maybe a little of both.


I was always under the impression Republic’s home state (North Carolina) had the most members.

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It’s entirely possible if not likely North Carolina does have the most Republic members overall.

I, too, would have suspected the usual suspects (California, Texas, Florida, New York, etc.) based on population. I’m not entirely surprised to see my home state of Massachusetts topping the list. New England as a whole has a well deserved reputation for frugality.

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I’ve been a Republic customer since January or February of 2013 and have been extraordinarily pleased with the service. This is the first time I’ve asked to be a part of a Beta test of any sort and I’m looking forward to being a part of something new.

If I understand how things work, now that the Orion feature is enabled on my Moto7, I should automatically have Orion connect me to an available wi-fi network without my having to do anything. Is that correct? During pre-Covid times I travelled extensively so having an automatic connection while moving through airports would be a wonderful convenience.

As a beta member will we be asked to offer reviews detailing experiences at various venues offering access to Orion?


Yes, that is correct.

Did you see the private message showing the map of locations?
We don’t want Beta members to name the specific venue, but yes, if you have a chance to connect to one, please tell us about your experience! I’ll post a topic about such reports to give everyone somewhere to chime in.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, I have reviewed the locations map and will be travelling though a couple of the areas over the next few weeks. Will post my evaluation of the experiences.



Hi Southpaw, for OS, what is Q and R? Also, it seems strange that no locations near the Republic Wireless headquarters are listed on the map. Will that hopefully change in the near future?

Hi @philb3,

Android 10 and 11 respectively.

I don’t find this anymore surprising than lack of locations in other areas. Republic is participating as a partner, however, this is a Google undertaking.

Expansion in the future is the expectation and, frankly, critical or the project will fail. How soon into the future remains to be seen.


Any idea when we might see additional sites show up on the map?

You can ask that during the webinar, but I think the answer will simply be “as quickly as possible”.

Going to be a disappointing beta test if only a couple of people can get to any locations. Hoping that’s not the case. I really want to be able to use it.

Hi Southpaw,
What percentage of Republic wireless customers has android 10 or above?. This is for orion wireless question.

Thank you,

Hi @lesc,

Here you go: Feature is enabled... and some trivia - Orion WiFi Beta - Member Community.

Q = Android 10
R = Android 11

Thank you for your link Unfortunately my question was not answered by Southpaw. My question is what is the percentage of customers that Republic Wireless has that have Android 10 or above not specially to the Orion wifi. If you would like to call me on my cell or Southpaw that would be great to talk about the specific question.

Please let me know

Thank you,

Les Corzberg

Hi @lesc,

Most of us here (myself included) are fellow customers. southpaw is, of course, an exception. I’m not able to call you. For what it’s worth, Republic may or may not track the information you seek and may or may not be willing to share it. I suppose it never hurts to ask.

I just wanted to know the percentage of the Republic Wireless customers that Republic Wireless has, have or use android 10 or above

I asked this question in regards to Orion Wireless beta since I believe no one has asked this questiom

Maybe Southpaw knows the answer and can provide me answer to my question in writing or calling me.

Thank you,


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