Feature request - add support for pauses

I see a few others have mentioned this. I would appreciate support for pauses (commas and semicolons) in contact numbers, to work with extensions, voice prompt menus (e.g. “Dial 1 for customer service. Dial 2 for billing.”), etc.


The phone dialer keypad can do #1 #2 #3 and many more. RW has never been capable of commas and dashes. Maybe someone can or has made an app for that. There’s an app for everything!

Heck in Cleveland there’s an app on who has Shamrock shakes at which McDonalds and I here it has GPS mapping directions to the store.

Really annoying not having pause option when dialing into meetings…

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the reason that’s been given for not supporting the pause function is that the timing is different between how Republic routes call via VOIP and via Cell, and the type of call (VOIP or Cell) could switch to the other, this unfortunately one of the complexity of a Hybrid VOIP/Cell network which Republic uses

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I think the can’t support pause is a lame excuse.
If you see a pause character then dial the numbers before the pause as if the pause and following digits were not there… Prompt for when to continue and pass the remaining digits to the dial keypad.
Is that really so hard?

This is a fallacy of development. As a programmer I can easily say that something that appears simple is much more complicated and harder to create than one would think.


Yes. I am a software developer and run across fellow developers that over estimate the complexity of a project.
There a 2 main causes for this:

  1. They do not understand the problem and so assume it will be much harder than it actually is.
  2. They don’t want to do it so they figure that by overestimating it then management will decide to not do the project.

In this case, since I don’t know the software, I cannot know the real reason, but to me the solution appears to be a simple divide and conquer, as I mentioned in previous comment.


Or not all aspects of the project are in the developers direct control. If all ends of development are open to you then almost all things are possible. But toss in outside variables that are intractable and the project becomes much more challenging.


I would like to second this feature request! As a person with a physical disability, I often find that I cannot press buttons on a phone tree or enter an extension # quickly enough. If I could use pauses, then I could enter the extensions, etc. before starting the call. PWDs are one demographic who deals with the same phone trees routinely, so this feature would be a great boon to us. Thanks!

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Digging up an old but important feature request. I’m very surprised to learn that RW only supports 10 digit dialing and any ###-###-####,###### (with , as pause) numbers are not allowed. Thought this would be table stakes functionality for a telephony company.

When will RW add pause functionality to calls?

I don’t know the answer, but people have asked for this feature since 2012.

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