Feature request: Automatic cell radio shut off on specific wifi networks


Aannndd now suddenly it did just turn on wifi twice in a row for me (now 3!) the first time it did not pester me to turn on airplane mode first, the second time it did. Would pressing home instead of back mess it up? As that is the only difference between what I was doing and your video (thank you for that too) I have to go to town later, so I will have further info about how well pester works outside of manual testing later.
Edit later…
Seems to be working more often than not now, notification sometimes does not seem to play the sound, and likewise occasionally does not auto reactivate wifi. But the notification could be a quirk of my phone, as it fails to play sound occasionally with other notifications as well.


interesting observed flakiness batman!

i’ll have to play with it some more to see if i can recreate more flakiness. i wonder if battery optimizations might be affecting it? i’ll test that on my way home today and if it helps i’ll document how to make the change to improve performance for you too.