Feature request: Dual SIM Phone Support


I’ve seen this mentioned before, but I noticed there hasn’t been an official feature request yet, so here I am. :slightly_smiling_face:
I realize that dual-sim usage at Republic ranges from “unsupported” to “Terms of Service Violation”, but hear me out.

My wife and I travel out of the country a lot for work, as I’m sure many do. Our baggage is pretty minimal at one bag each, plus pockets and wallets.

Our old, trusty pair of motos are awesome, and we play the sim swap game a lot, but it’s always worth it, right down to when we have to store our RW Sims. You guys know the deal: SIM cards are tiny. The usual place that they go is the nearest pouch, pocket, wallet, or bag. This is fine; that’s the price we pay to take republic with us, and we love having it overseas, if for no other reason than wifi calling.

What’s unfortunate (and the reason for this request) is when an emergency comes up back home, and we need to call home to sort it out, we always go through panic of figuring out which crevasse of baggage they’ve ended up in. It turns out that even with only two bags, that’s still more than enough real estate for two tiny sim cards to get misplaced, especially so when we’re in a place where we can’t turn out all our baggage to search for them

If Republic Wireless offered support for dual SIM card usage, and/or sold a supported dual SIM phone in the store, I can assure you that my wife and I would be the first ones to purchase this feature, just to have the ability to keep our phones, numbers, and communication unified, and ready for the global front that we find ourselves in on a frequent basis.

Once again, I realize that this may not be “just around the corner” for republic, and our current method of sim swapping still works just fine, so please only view this is a feature request, nothing more.

We absolutely love republic back home, and we love being able to take it with us. We just wish there were an easier way to do that.
Thanks for listening!



You might want to restate this here:


@billg that thread is for Republic anywhere not general Republic Wireless feature request


Oops, ;I completely spaced that out. Thanks!


Unlikely. Dual SIM phone are only “International” devices and many do not support all the correct USA LTE bands needed. And most also do not support CDMA at all, as that is not used overseas.

Also, Dual SIM support is a niche thing. Not that popular.
9 out of 10 USA users only use once cell carrier and plan.
Having the second slot, is also quite confusing to many. I see lots of folks think it is a slot for an SD card when it is not.
eSIM with a traditional SIM tray has the potential to be an adjust dual sim thing.
Honestly though, would just be better (for the user) is the USA just drop CDMA and be all GSM and be compatible with the rest of the planet.

Republic only supports North American Factory Unlocked phones.


as of currently Republic Wireless supports only US/North American Regional Factory unlocked models, and at this time these models do not support dual SI M as US carriers do not encourage the feature and will not sell then in their stores (Dual SIM phones are mostly a European and Asian phone features and are seen on International)

many had hope that a it would be unnecessary when Republic had a Anywhere calling beta going but that beta is not ended and no word if the calling feature will ever be rolled out for anywhere (and the longer away from that beta the more unlikely it would be rolled out)


Not really correct. There is the OnePlus 6T, various Nokia Models, and with eSIM can even be done on the newest iPhones.


Oneplus does not run Stock Android, but a custom Chinese made OS based off AOSP.
Those Nokia models still lack certain band support according to the specs when u use the compare function on gsm arena. , and eSIM, that has yet to take off and carriers are very slow to support those. Fi is the only one that actively does presently.


While not exactly common to the U.S. (and historically discouraged by domestic U.S. carriers), dual SIM phones are becoming more common for the North American market, In addition to the previously referenced Nokias, BLU’s phones are dual SIM.


Only if you say that Motorolas run a custom Chinese made OS made off AOSP. There literally is no phone running “stock” Android. Even Google Pixels run a Pixel version of AOSP. Perhaps the closest to “stock” are Android One phones.


Hi @ReflexiveMotion,

We’re in agreement, I, too, would like to see some Republic supported phones offering dual SIM support. That said, I’m not particularly confident it’s likely to happen sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, these may interest you: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_13?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=sim+card+case+for+traveling&sprefix=sim+card+case%2Caps%2C169&crid=197XLXQRA1AUE&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Asim+card+case+for+traveling. There’s also a free way to make it look like one is calling from their Republic phone when overseas without swapping one’s Republic SIM back into their phone: https://www.firertc.com. Sadly, FireRTC doesn’t address receiving calls.


If R.W opens support for Oxygen OS, then that, in theory , opens the door for other custom rom support. I am all for them support One Plus and Nokia.

But I do not believe that Dual SIM phones are going to be come more popular. The modern trend is to kill off external SD card support, and now they want to kill of the SIM card and go to eSIM. Manufactures are removing slots and ports, not adding them.

Just my opinion based of my own observations of cource.


I think you’re about 3 years behind on this modern trend. The trend for the last 3 generations of phones from nearly everyone other than Google, is the return of the SD Slot. This is true for Moto, Samsung, Sony, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, ZTE, and pretty much everyone.


Semantics my friend. And also the term stock is loosely used among users which creates discrepancies and personal bias. It is a common misconception that most users think Stock Android is the os in it s unmodified forum. Technically, yes, all vendor made roms for their devices are “custom” on some level.

I am using the correct terminology however, but may not be so good at communicating it correctly. I used to work closely with a several well known XDA devs on custom roms and was a forum moderator on XDA, but it has been a few years.

The market, and retail stores, and every single popular and not so popular phone reviewer call Google Pixel phones to have “Stock Android”. When those same folks reference Moto phones, they say “Lightly modified Stock Android” as that is what it is, same thing as the Pixel, but has a few Moto addons to it.

“Pure Android” or “Unmodified Android” is raw AOSP. This is a very different experience than what the Pixel or Moto phones offer and it also completely is void of Google Play services.


So…are they gonna bring back the headphone jack in 3yrs then???

Trends are pretty much set by Apple…and they are going completely wireless, port-less in the coming year years.


Wow, thanks for the replies, everyone! I didn’t expect 15 replies in 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon.

At the end of the day, it may be imperfect, but our current SIM-swapping still works, and we’re good for it, and we’re doing our best not to sweat the small-ness of it.
It does sound like eSIM will play a role in everyone’s future eventually anyway, and whether it’s that or a simple dual SIM solution, we look forward to greater ease of globalization. However it happens, we hope that we can keep carrying Republic Wireless with us. :slight_smile:

I know that a simple feature request only goes so far, but I’m still grateful for the input and discussion thus far, and I hope it continues!


Honestly, I don’t see a reason why even just a normal SIM card it self cant be designed to work on multiple networks, negating the need for 2 physical slots. Google Fi SIM card supports switching among 3 different cell carrier networks.