Feature Request for RW 3.0 App - Cell Data Setting


With the advent of 3.0 plans and use-it-or-lose-it data it would be really cool if RW could provide us a button in the RW App that toggles off the Cell Data setting in the RW App at say around 750MB or 75% of our plan allotment or something like that. The advantage of doing this in the RW App is that it won’t interfere with our ability to send/receive text messages which need the Android setting for Cell Data to be kept on at all times.

They already send out an email warning us that we are at 75% of data usage…so it sounds like that information already exists. That way we can be little bit liberal with our data usage until we hit this soft limit and use the remaining 25% more stingily without running out of data before end of the month and having to do a plan upgrade just to carry us over to the next billing cycle.


Setting the warning in phone settings or RW’s reminder works for most who pay attention. Why fix it if not broken? Why did my google maps just stop working?


This solves the problem of a runaway app costing a steep plan change penalty. Also, helps members better use the data that they have already paid for. The reminder is just that, if you don’t get to it in time, you could easily use up your entire allotment.


a steep plan change penalty.

That’s a very appropriate description of RW’s current cell data plan upgrade offerings.

IMO RW’s time/effort should be better used to come up with plans without steep change penalties and then devote the time to your excellent suggestion.