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It seems like there are frequent posts about Other Data running rampant and using up the entire 1gb of data in a short amount of time. Would it be possible for RW to add a new feature to the app that would trigger a data freeze or similar if Other data usage exceeds some limit or some limit of usage per time?

I think the issue is the understanding of what “Other Data” is. It stems from the fact that we do not store the individual app utilization on our servers we only store the usage as a total. If you do something that wipes the phone or change phones mid-month, you will see some portion of the data show as “Other Data” since we have to back-populate the current data usage but cannot tell you what apps used the data.

I hope I am being clear but most of the time someone brings this up is because they do not understand.

this is because it is an aggregate of previously used data not broken down by app.


In addition to @seanr description, you may want to review the Republic Help article titled What Is "Other Data" on My Cellular Data Usage Tab? (3.0 Phones) – Republic Help

So how about a user selectable trigger on data usage that would at least trigger a notification that says “hey you just blew thru half your remaining data in just a couple of hours. Was that intended?”
I haven’t had any problems with this, but I know I only use 100 to 200 mb per month. I would hate to find out that I just used my whole months data in one quick shot only a few days into the month

At least the posts I have seen here on the community do not fit with RW’s description of Other Data in the Help article. All these appear to accounting glitches rather than user initiated issues.

I don’t think the suggested feature request will help in at least some of these cases as it abruptly wipes out entire allocation on the first day of the billing cycle. But a better understanding of Other Data and why these instances are occuring however sporadic they may be would be helpful.

Hi @amitl,

Those instances that seem to occur on the billing cycle date usually represent some sort of issue that has prevented the data subscription from renewing with the carrier partner. The exact cause of the issue varies, keeping our engineers’ and technicians’ troubleshooting skills sharp.

The idea of alerting to sudden data loss in the app has been suggested before, however, I don’t believe the RW app is monitoring the data use with the precision and timeliness that would be required for this to work.

There is a tool in the Android settings that allows you to set a warning point.

Perhaps one of our Community members would want to try a well-rated third-party app that helps manage data use and write it up in our #reviews section?

Thanks southpaw, our recent and frustrating experience with “other data” gobbling up ALL our GB of data in a few hours seems to conform to your explanation. RW tech support did solve, but seemed to require more busy work on our phone end than might have been required to determine that an RW system (or cell partner?) issue was the cause, not some goof or fault at the user end.

But with that I will also endorse the OP suggestion: a major “other data” drain (1 GB within four hours during NO mobile data use, for us three instances last week) could throw up some flag.

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