Feature Wanted: Call Details -> Click to Google search number

Got a call yesterday and wanted to Google search the number to see if a local business match is found. Wouldn’t it be cool if in the phone feature, Call Details menu, there was a “Google search” option? :coffee:


It already exists.

The Google “Phone” dialer that is stock on some phones, some Motos and of course the Pixels, have that built in for the most part. The dialer will display the name of the business above the phone number. I have seen it work many times for when car insurance companies or my local pharmacy call me. It also works for out going calls, so it will display “Best Buy” when i call my local Best Buy, even if the business is not in my Contact list.

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Thanks for the reply. Not exactly what I’m looking for. More than “caller ID” type functionality, I want to run a real Google Search–like open the default browser and search for pages related to the number.

Are you wanting this on the Phone app itself or in Republic’s online call detail records? If the former, the feature would need to come from Google or the manufacturer.

I suppose the only way to do this as of now is to long press the number in the Recent list, select Copy Number, then open Browser and paste it in there.

4th option on this screen:

@SpeedingCheetah, that is easy enough I guess. :coffee:

I would write to whoever made the dialer app you use to request that feature. I use exDialer from the Google Play Store, which has that option if I long-press a number in my call log


That’s the Phone app, which Republic does not modify. Increasingly, manufacturers are opting to use Google’s Phone app but some (notably Samsung) continue to use their own implementation, Bottom line, this isn’t something Republic would be able to implement.

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