Feb 5 2019 Security Patch and Battery Drain



It seems after the last security patch on my pixel the battery just won’t last.
I go to bed with 60% and wake up with 18%.

The Pixel has been the best phone for battery life I have owned with RW… Never an issue until now. I’ve checked all the usual suspects but coming up empty. I honestly use it for a phone and calendar. No social media type apps etc

Has anyone else with a pixel been experiencing this since the last update?



I have a Pixel and haven’t noticed any battery life change since the Feb. update. I suppose it’s possible that you have an app that isn’t optimized for the new update. Under Settings > Battery, you should have an indication if an app is using higher than typical background battery usage. If you don’t see anything there, it might be a good time to check the condition of the battery. Mine lasted ~two years before capacity went down to 40% of original capacity and needed replacing. You can use an app like AccuBattery to determine battery capacity over a few charging cycles (I only used the app to check capacity, I didn’t really pay much attention to the apps other features):


Thanks for the suggestions. It is showing the apps are running normally. I’ll try AccuBattery and see what happens. I’m just suspect of the security patch but it could be coincidence that this is the time the battery decided to start failing.


I have a Pixel 3…no change in battery life since the Feb 5 update.

If you have a OG Pixel, and if it has been a long time since u have done a full factory reset, especially since it was upgraded to from 7.1 to 8.0 then Pie 9.0, I always recommend factory rest after a major OS version. It made my experience much smoother and saw no excessive battery drain afterward. Though, an OG Pixel would be 3 yrs old now, so battery may be starting to show is age.


I did the reset from 7 to 8. 9 has been running for quite some time now without issue.
This was such an abrupt change after the last security update with battery life that if just feels related.

I’m the weird one. All of the new bells and whistles of the new pixel versions just don’t grab me. The device works great as is albeit battery now. Longing for the days you could buy a replacement battery and pop it in.

I truly do just use the phone as a phone and calendar. Pixel is my model of choice as it comes without the bloatware you cannot install as other models have. Between RW and the Google WiFi mesh network in the house, it has been a great phone line starting with the nexus 5. I’d still be using the Nexus if I hadn’t dropped it on a concrete floor and well that was that.

Thanks for all the suggestions. If nothing pops up, the factory reset is an option I’ll try. Nothing to lose there but some time.


Hi @joelb.wilmywood

I have the original Pixel as well and have see the same issue. I don’t believe it’s the security update tho. (I too reset my phone after major upgrades or problems so I don’t think that will help either.)

I can charge my phone up to 100% before bed…unplug it… and in the morning sometimes it will be at say 96% (or so), and sometimes it will drop down to 60%! (this is with the phone off)
It never does this during the day when I have the phone on.
Only at night… when my apartment can get very cold (no heater going on at night).
When first picking up the phone in the morning to turn it on it can fell like a little block of ice because of the metal back. The issue interestingly does not seem to happen on warmer days and nights. The battery will keep and hold the charge fine then.

Do you by chance have the phone overnight in a cold environment?

Also, as said by @SpeedingCheetah, our Pixel batteries are showing their age. I’m sure that is not helping our issues.

So, I’m betting it’s old and cold batteries. (just my thoughts) :wink:

If you do the Factory Reset and find it helped… let us know!


The temp in the house stays pretty constant at around 68 during the winter months day and night.


Good to know. It’s been a mystery for me as well. I’ll wait to hear and see if the reset helps you and will give it another try myself if you have success :wink:


Update: I’m going to replace the battery and see what happens. Resets/reinstall etc of the applications didn’t cause a difference.
I found a local phone repair shop that had a reasonable price and 6 month warranty on the battery replacement. I’m not out much if it doesn’t work.


Thanks for the update @joelb.wilmywood
I’m thinking of going the same route soon. This place I priced out (for my battery) says they will come to my home and replace the battery for ~$80. Official Google partner for Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Motorola Moto x4 repairs


Pixel (1) battery was replaced!!!

Last day with the old battery - 100% charge to dead in 6 hours with no use.
New battery - 100% charge to 93% over 8 hours with no use.

Local shop did the replacement in a little over an hour. Price 90.00

Thanks to all for your suggestions and ideas.