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This is meant to be Feedback/Suggestion for the RW app

I rarely attend forums so please forgive me and move this if it needs to be moved to a better location…

In Summary: Transform the Data-circle into a Visual Aid
(on the first page of the RW phone app)

I’m not a heavy phone user. I use my phone for 2 things: to hail Lyft rides to chemo, and to talk occasionally. That’s it.

For those of us who are somewhat “technically challenged”, I can see on my RW Phone app that tells me, very clearly as if I understand what it means, it says:

(then inside a circle) 1023 MB Left
Below the circle: a green Thumbs-up :+1:

This is great information for some people I’m sure, but it means very little to me. I understand the ‘thumbs-up’, but what is 1023 Mb? Is that a lot?

I was wondering if, in addition to this information, could the animated circle that is already there and sometimes spinning, become a visual aid and “SHOW ME”, in a visual sense, how much data I have left. Sort of like a “pie chart”. Like when apps are downloading, you can see the little ‘progress circle’ spin until it’s done.

Could you make the “My Data” circle do that? Instead of being just a pretty circle; i’m suggesting putting it to work, like telling me and then showing me how much data I have left. In this case, 1023 Mb. which I think(?) is plenty.

This is meant to be just feedback. I love my new phone; I’m not saying I don’t like it. I just wish I could see in a visual sense what it’s actually telling me. Meantime, I’ll keep an eye on that thumbs-up! :grin:

Thank you for listening and reading my Feedback. I appreciate your time today.


Hi @B.Nemo,

Thanks for posting your feedback. You posted it in just the right place,

I think the idea of putting the circle to work is a good idea. But what if I told you the visual clue you’re looking for is already there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Look behind the circle.


That field of pretty blue waves represents all the cellular data you have available. As you use that data, the blue will drop lower and lower on the screen. See the gap between the blue and the top of the “My Data” space on my screenshot?

I’ll pass along your feedback to our app team, but does that help at all?

(Others who have consumed more data recently, feel free to share a screenshot showing even more blue missing from the screen!)


Oh wow!! :star_struck: :star_struck: Thank you, southpaw, for the prompt Reply and the picture.

I have never noticed the blue field at all, even if it moved, which right now mine has not. It’s all the way at the top!! So that’s good, right?!

I would take a screenshot to show you, if I knew how! :rofl::rofl:

You are the best, thank you sooo much, southpaw!! :clap::clap::heart_eyes:


All the way at the top is very good - think of it as a “full tank” of data.


Here is a screenshot of a bit more of my data used, see how far down the blue is. I have a 1 GB plan as you apparently do … note that it also states how much you have left … in your case with 1023 MB left, you have used approx 1 MB of the 1024 MB that makes up a GB (Gigabyte) of data … my screenshot shows 676 left and below that it shows 348 MB used (for a total of 1024 MG which is the same as 1 GB


Thank you, JBen, so much!! I appreciate seeing it in a different state of Mb availability. I can see now how it works.

Thank you so much for taking time to show me!!

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Who knew?:+1:


But, I still agree with your original suggestion … graphics sort of miss the mark when it takes multiple people to explain them (after all these years, this was the first time I became aware of the floating horizon). I prefer the gas gauge, something that most generations are very familiar with


Thanks, jben, i think you make a really good point about graphics. They need to be self-explanatory, not be so mysterious as to go unnoticed for so many years (6 years on my part). They should Pop Out and announce themselves for what they are, without explanation. Thanks; now i don’t feel so dim and slow as i was feeling earlier.


Sorry to hear you are going through chemo…wishing you all the very best during this challenging time.

If you tap on the green :+1: …it should show you something like this

The green :+1: changes to other icons when you don’t have enough data to last you through the end of your billing cycle…and tapping on them will show you how long your data will last.

For example, it may say something like…you are using data at a fast rate and your data will run out in 10 days…while the bottom right corner shows you how many days you have left in the current billing cycle. And that can help you tweak your data usage to help it last till the end of the billing cycle or consider buying one-time data, if required.

Don’t have those screenshots handy but will try to upload them here…unless they already exist in some help document.


I am learning so many new things. :grin:
Thank you guys so much! :clap::clap:


I have been a member since 2013 and did not know this! Awesome information! Thanks.


Well that’s interesting! I never knew…Thanks!


Hi B.Nemo.
Chemo is rough. I hope you have lots of love and physical support getting you through!
Do you have the Refund Plan? Sounds like you hardly use your data. I’m hoping you aren’t getting charged for it every month. Or, if @southpaw thinks you can’t switch plans, can you downgrade to 1/2 a GB instead?
@southpaw, what can we do to support @B.Nemo?


You are too kind!! And SouthPaw has already taken good care of me.
I was on the Refund Plan for many years; I’m now on the new step-up plan and I have already paid my Annual fee for the year.
Thank you so much for your kind words and very generous offer. I am well in hand and very happy! Thank you so much!

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