Feedback on Help Ticket Formatting


I couldn’t find anywhere to provide some feedback, but I’ve noticed that submitting a help ticket is different from how it used to be. Here in the community forums, users are able to format their posts/submissions to their own liking which I recall was once possible through opening a help ticket too. It’d be great if RW brought it back. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s good feedback. Republic Wireless appears to now be using Zendesk for their help ticket system. It’s not as pretty, but it is used by many other companies. My guess is that Dish Wireless probably wanted a common ticketing system across all of their wireless entities (Boost, Ting, Republic Wireless, GenMobile).

I will note Republic been using Zendesk since 2013

edit link removed as it doesn’t work for most people (must be in some archive ambassadors have that other don’t) but still Republic move to Zendesk well before DISH decided to buy them)

personally for help tickets it helps if the format the same no matter which user is submitting the ticket as the uniformity of the ticket will make the task easier and help with training others

here a screen shot from the link

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Yes that would be great. Unfortunately, RW (Republic Wireless) is no longer RW. It was bought out, and is RW in name only. So forget loyalty to them, for they no longer exist.

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Hi @joca,

We haven’t changed anything about the Help Ticket system. I don’t believe formatting has ever been an option. I’m wondering if you’re remembering our former Community.

Nothing has changed about our Help Center, and our ticket system is completely separate from the other Dish brands.