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Hello all,
I had a problem yesterday and called Motorola tech support. I was told to put the phone in safe mode and wipe the cache which I did and had to replace the SD card because it would not read or write. I replaced the SD card and reinstalled the many apps that were stored there. So far so good. Now a issue I need advice with.

I wanted to transfer some ring tones in to the phone, Its a Motorola Pure X, I hooked up the USB cord and wanted to do the transfer from the PC (Win 10) I plug in my phone to the USB connection in the PC. I selected the transfer files and then chose transfer photos. Sometimes I see the XT1575 show up, it failed to list any directories where I can copy files to. No matter what, no directories show up no matter what selection I choose on the menu when the phone is plugged in to the computer. Any suggestions or possible apps that could help?

Thank you

If you choose “Use USB for Transfer Files (MTP)”

you should be able to see all accessible folders including the Ringtones folder.

If you choose “Use USB for picture files (PTP)”

then it will limit you to the DCIM and Pictures folders.

Or you can install AirDroid and copy stuff over via a web browser.

also some background, on this past Monday, my screen on the phone went blank. I tried to reboot the phone several times and it failed. I called Motorola Tech support. They had me put the phone in safe mode and select the step to wipe the cache. I did this and rebooted the phone. I also had a sd card that failed and was told top replace the sd card. I bought a new 32G card and inserted it.

I rebooted the phone and it started normally and the apps that were on the sd card had to be reloaded. I downloaded them and installed the apps again and moved them to the SD card. When I put the SD card in, I was asked to format the SD card and I did. Now I tried to do a file transfer by bluetooth. I tried to make the transfered but was told that the files could not be loaded on the SD card. When I look at the storage & USB from the main menu, it showed the SD card that I installed, using 3.35G of 29.0G free. It also showed a block below it as a second Sd card that was not inserted. This is the first time I saw this, opened it and was given a choice to forget the SD card, clicked on it and the phone rebooted. But when I checked again, it showed the same entry for a second SD card not inserted. I have no idea how this one showed up.

Now I tried air droid, it installed and could not upload files to the phone and it thinks its trying to put files on the second SD card that is not installed. I called Motorola Support again and the woman sent me a link for my windows 10 computer. It recommended I reinstall a .inf file. I did this rebooted the computer and was stuck with the same thing. I think the step from Motorola caused this problem, but it has created another problem. Any suggestions?

Thank you

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