Finally heading off to Sprint - sad to go but have fond memories:)

Monetary considerations finally led me to jump ship back to Sprint after 4 years of awesomeness by you guys. I have nothing but great experiences both with service and on the forums during this time and I wanted to say so:)

The $32.50 six GB LTE data w/unlimited text & calling plan was too good to pass up.

I wish my phone would work on wifi networks at my job but alas, that is not the case.

I’m in the midst of transferring my number (Sprint says Tuesday) so I will say a tentative goodbye.

Keep being awesome y’all!


Republic better hope their moat around their 1 GB and and zero GB plans hold. Because their 2GB plans or greater have been breached.

Good luck with the new carrier.



Sprint 3.0 is about to be released in RW. There is a soft launch right now in active testing. Very very soon we will be having the new phones work with the Sprint OR Tmobile.

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And so the exodus begins.

The $32.50 six GB LTE data w/unlimited text & calling plan was too good to pass up.

Without a link to it for others this is meaningless. How many lines or strings attached?

Perhaps this is the plan. Plans - SprintOrders

Perhaps this is the plan. Plans - SprintOrders

Prices shown with $5/mo/line AutoPay service credit applied within 2 invoices. Discount applies to base monthly service plan only. Discount does not include competitor promotional or sale price. Carriers’ features differ. Plans exclude unlimited music and video streaming, data carryover, and any other features that T-Mobile plans may offer. Available on non-discounted phones. Activation fee of up to $30/line applies. Savings until 12/31/18. Other monthly charges apply.

T-Mobile offers 1 line with 10GB high-speed data for $80/mo. At Sprint, pay $40/mo. After 12/31/18 pay $80/mo.

Switch to Sprint today & Save!


Live agent waiting for your call.

May work for some folks willing to wade through the ■■■■…

To get some deals you need to call in, others are web only and one offer usually cancels out another offer. Talk about a total lack of transparency…

Oh, sorry about no link. I wouldn’t know where to get one. my wife recently got that plan on Sprint (after she threatened to leave last year - been with them for 18 years.) One of the reps said that is the plan the offer to T-Mobile customers who switch to Sprint. I would assume you would have to call them or go to a store and say you want to switch.

There is one caveat to note however…once you go over the 6 GB of data, they throttle you to 2g (not 3g) speeds - youch! I’ve never gone over 6 GB in one month though so it isn’t a concern for me:)

That would be the only string attached.

Also, it can be used on more than one line.

hope that helps:)

i hope not:( hang in there peeps!

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