Financing and Affirm



Well I was in the market for a flagship phone from RW to replace my"dropped too many times" samsung. Started the procedure and got to the Affirm portion,what a joke,they wanted everything up to my live picture and maybe if I kept on going my firstborn and 23andMe DNA results!! Not worth it for this Honorable Discharge Veteran! Shop around,there are better deals!


Perfectly normal for buying any device under a financing company. They need to make sure u can afford to make the payments. And want any piece of info on you to increase the interest % so they can make more money.


Hi @anthonyd.uej6ks,

For what it’s worth, Republic (and many others Motorola included) partner with Affirm to offer customers a financing option. For a small company like Republic directly financing the phones themselves isn’t possible.

You’re quite right, there are market alternatives. Have you considered sourcing a new phone from Samsung itself. They may offer a financing alternative you’ll find more palatable to Affirm? This from a fellow Republic member (Republic likes to call customers members) may help if you decide to source elsewhere: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.


Thanks for the replies and help. I was able to get a s8,new US,unlocked at Amazon for 100 dollars cheaper than RW but the day after it went up 100,talk about timing. Took the old sim out,installed on new phone,works great!!