Find a long charging cable for my Moto G Power 2020

Where can I find a charging cable for my Moto G Power 2020 that is longer than the 3 ft one that came with the phone?
The other old cables that I have don’t fit into the phone.
What specs should I look for to find the one that is compatible?

The cable simply needs to be a USB-C cable.

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Hi @leep.ncy62c,

Have you ordered something already?

Another option, if you have cables you like, is a set of adaptors, like these:

Also, Ye Olde Community Treasure Chest happens to have one six-foot Axessorize LuxCable for USB-C phones. Their website states that it “works with all chargers” but I cannot find any indication as to whether it also syncs data. (Some cables do not.) I’m not sure how quickly you need something, but if you’re interested in that, I’d be glad to send it to you.

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Thanks, I finally figured it out and ordered one.

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Thanks for your reply and the info.
I was able to order the right cable after looking into it further.


Be aware that some adapters may prevent fast charging…a feature of USB-C.

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