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I’m trying to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 with an approved build number from various online vendors but I’m running into an issue. The closest thing to a build number ever used to describe a phone is “G920t”. That blurb is definitely a portion of all approved RW build numbers, but is it safe to assume that a phone with that label has an approved build? Whenever I ask the vendor to supply the full build number they reply that they are unable to get the build number in the phone’s deactivated and factory reset state.

So what do I do? is every phone labeled “G920t” of the correct build? How else can I ensure that I buy the correct build?


the Galaxy S6 is one of the 2 hardest to buy fr BYOD as the North American Factory unlock model shares it’s model number with the T-Mobile model but they do not share their build numbers,
(note the other phone like this is the Samsung J3 which shares the Model number with AT&T model)
the best way to know for sure is to ask the seller what the build numbers are

For the Samsung Galaxy S6
Please note: The T-Mobile branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service.


You can share with them the instructions from the RW website, to look up the build number. This does not require phone activation.

Apps -> Settings -> About device

Look for Model number and Build number in the list.

    Compatible model number: SAMSUNG-SM-G920T

    Compatible build numbers: MMB29K.G920TUES5DQD1, MMB29K.G920TUES5DQC1, MMB29K.G920TUES5DQB1, 

If they are unwilling to do that then you can check with them if they are willing to accept the phone to be returned if you are unable to active it on RW due to an incompatible build.


Can a build number be identified on a phone that has not been set up?


The above builds indicate that he phone is a factory unlocked version. The Model number is shared with the T-Mobile version, which is why the build number is needed. You can immediately eliminate the need to check the phone if the seller can tell you that the phone is the T-Mobile Model (whether unlocked or not).


I understand that T-mobile models do not qualify for the BYOP program. Are you saying that any unlocked and non T-mobile version of the GS6 qualifies for the BYOP program?


The SM-G920T came in two versions:

  1. The factory unlocked version
  2. The T-Mobile version

Only the factory unlocked version works with Republic. The way to tell with phone in hand is to install the Republic App. The other way is to check the software builds. I was pointing out that the easy way to eliminate a phone is that if the seller says that it “has been unlocked to work with any carrier” that means it is the T-Mobile version that won’t work because the version that does work was unlocked coming out of the factory.


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