Find referral link if phone is broken

Hi, My phone is broken, and I’m waiting to get my taxes back before buying a new one, so I can’t look it up in the app. I have a friend asking about phone service & want to give her my referral link. Is there a way to get the referral link on the website?

Hi @genie86333

I’m sorry about your phone. The current referral program provides a benefit to the person who uses it. However, It no longer provides a benefit to the person who provides it.

I’ll send you my referral code via direct message and you can share that with your friend.

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Hi @genie86333,

Thank you for your interest in bringing a friend to Republic Wireless. In case others have the same question you had - how to find the referral link when the phone is inoperable - I wanted to let you know that it is at the bottom of the State of The Republic E-mails we send out monthly, so if you happened to save one of those, you’d be able to find it there.


Thank you! I didn’t even think of looking there!

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