Find the Sprint Number on my Moto G4

I need to find the underlying Sprint number on my Moto G4. On my previous phone with RW this wasn’t a problem. I followed the instructions I found on the site without an issue.

I need this number because as a firefighter my county’s dispatch uses SMS paging. But they will only page numbers on Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

I’ve been doing this successfully for several years with my old phone. I upgraded my phone, switch to a new plan, and now it doesn’t work. My old Sprint number no longer reaches me. I can’t find my new number. The MIN I thought I found appears to belong to another person because they responded questioningly to my test SMS attempts.

How can I get the Sprint number on my new phone?

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I dug this up since I just saved the conversation a couple days ago!

If you have a Motorola, Nexus or Pixel phone:

Open the Dialer (Phone app).
Dial ##4636##
You’ll see a Testing menu.
Tap Phone information.
The Phone number displayed is your secondary number.
Unless you’re familiar with it, I suggest refraining from further exploring the Testing menu.
Tap the Home button to dismiss the information screen.

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Thank you! I was trying it without the asterisks and getting the Republic has blocked the number message. Worked like a charm.

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