Finding a New Republic Compatible Phone for Use with Android Auto

I need to get a new phone and update my plan to 5G, and have everything set, before December 15th. I leaving my home and will be spending 6 months in Florida. I need to know what is going on! When are we going to be able to view the changes and new phones, etc.? I keep checking several times a day and nothing! Well… right now I get a pop-up notice that says “Intermittent server time out issues. Last updated 21 hours ago”. When I click the link to view latest updates, it says no issues today, but an unresolved one from yesterday. It’s December! When will we find out what is going on? I am in count down.

There isn’t any more information to share on this than what is in this thread. They’ve said December and that’s as specific as they’ll get.

I guess I will have to check into a monthly plan with someone else, hope my new phone is compatible with RW, and then switch back. :frowning:

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Hi @joaniec,

May we know the brand, model and generation of the new phone?

I haven’t decided because I was waiting to find out info from here. I will go decide and post back here. Sigh. I have been with RW since 2013. I just feel abandoned, since I have to get this done before Dec. 15th.

Hi @joaniec,

Is there a particular reason it must be done before December 15th? I understand you will be traveling to Florida for six months. Republic would be able to ship a phone and/or a SIM to Florida.

Is your current phone still working well?

I have a new car with Android Auto, which I totally need for maps. My phone is not compatible.

Hi @joaniec,

What is the brand, model and generation of the phone you currently use with Republic? Most reasonably recent Android phones support Android Auto.

Do you know if your new car supports wired, wireless or both connections for Android Auto? What is the make, model and generation of the car?

My car can use either connections, bluetooth or USB. I have a Moto G Play. Yesterday, I had it at the dealership, due to Android Auto not working. (I figured it was my phone.) The guy that helped me got his phone and it hooked right up. My phone is not supported via bluetooth or USB.

Hi @joaniec,

How old is the Moto G Play in question? Is is a Moto G4 Play circa 2017 or is it the newer 2021 Moto G Play? Particularly, if it’s the newer 2021 Moto G Play, I would expect it to work with both wired and wireless Android Auto.

No, it’s around 2017.

Hi @joaniec,

I’ve taken the liberty of moving the conversation to a new topic, so we’re able to focus on your specific scenario.

A 2017 Moto G Play is also known as a Moto G4 Play. It is not compatible with wireless (Bluetooth) Android Auto but is, according to Google, compatible with wired (USB) Android Auto. Any Android running Android 6 or up is wired Android Auto compatible. Your Moto G4 Play runs Android 7. Please see here:

Does your Moto G4 Play have the latest version of the Android Auto app installed?

The other challenge with wired Android Auto is one must be using a high-quality USB cable. Are you using the cable that came with your phone or a third party cable?

If you’d prefer suggestions for a new phone, there are multiple options for a new phone that would be compatible with your current My Choice plan and also with forthcoming new plans from Republic.

I just keep going back to this One Plus 8T 5G 256G (Unlocked) - Aquamarine. It’s on sale for $499 and really holds its own in comparison.

I don’t know anything about One Plus, though. My son says Samsung is the best .

Hi @joaniec,

Currently, Republic supports a variant of the OnePlus 8 but not the OnePlus 8T. The OnePlus 8T would likely be compatible with Republic’s new plans.

If interested in a Samsung model that otherwise meets your criteria (it has 5G capability) and is a price match for the OnePlus 8T you linked, you might consider the Galaxy A52 5G linked here:

There’s also Motorola’s 5G Ace since you currently have a Moto phone:

One thing to consider is any new phone is going to be quite a bit larger than your current Moto G4 Play.


So many choices! Thank you so much for your help. I will check out those two links you sent me. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Didn’t they actually say “early December”? That says NLT December 10 to me, as anything after then would be mid or late. They must have a target date and I’m guessing that could be Monday, December 6. Surely they plan to get things up and running in time for the Christmas season.

Target dates come and go. The best plaid plans are laid waste to by unanticiapted challenges.

That said, I have no idea what the target date is or was, and frankly I doubt they’re much worried about the Christmas shopping season. In my mind they’ve missed much of it already.


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“Soon” = and so… on and so… on. LOL had to do it. It so totally fit! :slight_smile: I think we are just chomping at the bit (but they really need to hurry it up) :slight_smile: