Finding my Moto G pairing code

I’m trying to download pictures from my camera to my computer. I think I was getting close when my computer asked what is my pairing code? How do I find that?

If you connect it using a USB cable, you shouldn’t require any pairing code. You will have to change the connection type from USB for charging (which is default).

One finger slide from top…to get the notification shade.

Change USB for charging…to USB for file transfer (MTP)

Then you should be able to access your camera photos from your computer and copy them over to a suitable folder.

If you are trying to connect the phone to the computer over bluetooth…the default pairing code is usually 0000 or 1234.


I use Web PC Suite. search for it on the browser search engine to download to your PC. Here’s a link for your phone from the playstore. This is thru WiFi and is seamless, I use it all the time and there is no codes or pairing needed. Just follow instructions installing then take a picture with your Phone on the QR code box that appears on the computer, Bazzinga your transferring pics!

Web PC Suite - File Transfer - Android Apps on Google Play

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Can’t speak for when using though a computer but when setting up Bluetooth to my car radio though the phone Bluetooth interface (in the Android setting) a code was displayed on the phone to be entered to the radio (which displayed the same code for confirmation)

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