Fingerprint recognition hardware has disappeared from Moto G5s Plus


I dropped my Moto G5s Plus (just from waist height to floor, not out a 12-story window ha!) and now fingerprint recognition doesn’t work. I got one prompt that said “Fingerprint recognition hardware is not installed” (may not be the exact words) and sure enough, when I go into screen lock settings, the option to set a fingerprint is gone. Help!



Hi @peaheart,

I appreciate the fall you describe wasn’t from an extreme height, however, when something previously working stops working after a fall, generally, that’s a sign of hardware damage incurred as a result of the fall.

The least expensive repair option is likely through Motorola itself: It’s a long shot, however, you might check in with the issuer of the credit or debit card used to purchase your phone. Some will cover accidental damage as a cardmember benefit.


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