Firewall help please


What phone do you have?
Moto G5 Plus
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
All of the above

Issue Description

I installed a noroot firewall which seems to be blocking texting when I am relying on cell service rather than wifi. Is there a list of all the apps/services which must be allowed to pass through the firewall in order for that functionality (texting on cell service) to work?


Hi @davidb.x8inbb,

I’m aware of no such list per se. That said, I would start with being certain both the Republic Wireless app and your default text messaging app have access to cellular data through the firewall. Republic’s blended service does use small amounts of cell data for both calls and text messaging. This “system” data if you will is tracked separately from cell data used for Internet access. It’s included in the base price of all Republic plans.


Those apps are allowed through. Something more specific would be welcome.


We may or may not be able to offer something more specific. Presuming everything works as expected without the firewall app, may we know which app you’re using for text messaging?


Presumption is correct.
Using Anywhere app. Get message: “Text not sent.” in red


Please provide the specific ‘firewall app’ you are having problems with … (link from Google Play will ensure users have used or will test the same)


I’m uncertain this is the solution, however, Anywhere, requires certain URLs not be blocked. More in a previous post from a Republic staffer: Republic Anywhere URL Whitelist.