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I am a Systems Administrator for a University. One of our Professors would like to use our WiFi to call out with his Republic Wireless phone. Our wireless controller has a firewall on it that blocks WiFi calling unless specifically white-listed.

What I need, and cannot seem to find anywhere on the net, is the FQDN of the ePDG server for Republic Wireless. I tried the Republic Wireless help system, but they won’t speak to me unless I am the Republic customer. Can anyone help me with this? It’s just a web address. For example, Verizon Wireless’s FQDN of their ePDG server is

Thanks in advance.

Not sure if they give that info out.
There is help article that talks about the ports and other things needed for RW wifi calling and other router/network trouble shooting etc here:

Yes, I have seen that guide. It tells what ports to have open, but not what to open them to. When a cell phone makes a WiFi Call, it establishes a vpn connection to the carrier’s ePDG server (Evolved Packet Data Gateway). Our wireless controller (Ruckus vSZ) has to have the FQDN of that server in order to whitelist the connection.

As far as them not choosing to give that info out, I don’t understand why not. I have other carriers’ info (Verizon, Sprint, At&T, t-Mobile). They were freely given on their web pages.

Republics Hybrid Coverage/Bonded Calling is not like other carriers “WiFi Calling”
It is a proprietary thing with many patents.

As far as the info you are requesting…never heard of someone requesting this info before.
Not sure if that is something they would post in a public fourm.

As far as I understand it, u just have to have the ports open.
There isn’t any limiter or set thing in the firewall, just tell it open those port.
I think u are trying to limit the traffic on those ports to exclusively a certain protocol or site…but like I said, RW’s wifi calling is not like normal wifi calling, so that may not be possible…i really do not know.

You may be able to get info via Help Ticket. The person that is the RW account holder would need to do that most likely.

Otherwise, only @southpaw would know how do address this question properly.

Hi @ptruax,
I have been a user of Republic Wireless since its early life and have never seen any indication (vpn lock icon) that indicates the use of a VPN during call setup.
I will pass this discussion on to Republic Wireless Staff, and perhaps they can provide you more information.
At the time I wrote the update in Required ports and Protocols it was the work of a University IT group, a user (customer) and Sr Staff from Republic
jBen (a Community Ambassador)


@prtuax What you’ve described is correct for the major carriers, but not correct for Republic. Republic doesn’t use their carrier’s wifi calling infrastructure and AFAIK because of the ways Republic calling works their wifi calling also doesn’t use ePDG because their don’t default calls to the cellular infrastructure so while the traditional cellular carriers use ePDG essentially as a way to get traffic from the customer’s untrusted wifi network in to their infrastructure it doesn’t really apply in the Republic case where you’re essentially talking about an inverse system where the VoIP (SIP) based system is the core and the cellular partner is blended in to it, rather than the other way around.


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