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I’m looking to switch to RW. How do the phones get firmware/security updates? Does RW push them out Over the Air (OTA) or do you have to manually update your phone yourself?

For example, I currently have a GS7 via Sprint. Every month or so I get updates for my phone. Some security related, some OS upgrades. Would I have to manually get the update? Does Samsung/Moto push out the Updates directly? Or does RW push these out?

I just want to be sure I will be getting security updates, etc. somehow.

I’m debating between the Galaxy S8 or the Moto G5 Plus. I’d like to know your experience with either.

Thank you!


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Hello @ithink2020 welcome to the community

As all the current phones Republic use are unlocked North American Factory Unlocked models they will get their updates right from the OEM (Republic is not in the picture)

I will note that some OEMs are better at getting these updates as other (Samsung seams to release after the major Carrier release)


Thank you so much for the quick reply!

Have a great day!


That’s a pretty aggressive update schedule. I doubt you’ll see anything that frequent from any manufacturer on a factory unlocked phone activated with Republic. I would tend to believe some of those updates are carrier specific to Sprint.


Maybe they are. It’s also possible that they don’t happen that often, it just seems like they do. Either way, I just want to make sure I’ll be getting critical sec updates and OS updates. :smiley:


Bottom line, with factory unlocked phones, you’ll get every update the manufacturer deems to be critical (and not one more). :slightly_smiling_face: Once among the worst, Samsung has been much better recently. Arguably the best would be a phone where Google itself controls the operating system (Pixels, Nexii). Nexus phones are no longer manufactured and Pixels aren’t cheap.

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